Is it safe to stay in a luxury resort right now?


Earlier this year, many people were forced to cancel their holiday trips due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Because hotels are social spaces often crowded with guests and staff, they had to shut down in compliance with the government regulations. However, a few months ago, the WHO released new guidelines for accommodation establishments, and hotels are slowly opening their doors to customers. In this blog post, we will be looking at these guidelines to determine whether it is safe to stay in a luxury resort or not.

Proper screening and testing of staff and guests

Before staff members resume work, hotels will have to test them for Covid-19 and routinely do so after every 15 days. Guests will also have to be screened, and anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed access to the resort.

Social distance and sanitation

As expected, hotels will be required to set-up hand sanitiser stations and ensure that both guests and staff maintain a one-meter distance at all times. Therefore, social amenities such as the gym, swimming pool, sauna, and spa will only be used by a certain number of people at a time to ensure adequate social distancing.

Eating arrangements

Restaurants within the resort will have to strip away the food buffet option because of the risk of close physical contact. Also, when it comes to indoor dining spaces, a room of 10 square meters is only allowed to have a maximum of 4 people. When it comes to food safety, there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted by food. Even if the food is contaminated, the virus will be destroyed by high cooking temperatures.

Air conditioning

When travelling to a hot and humid area, air conditioning is a necessity. However, recirculated air from fans and air conditioning units pose a significant health risk, especially to travellers from different households. Therefore, hotels are advised to improve air ventilation by keeping windows at all times, if possible.

If all these guidelines are followed, then it will be safe to stay at a luxury resort. However, this does not eliminate the risk of getting Covid-19. Getting your own home would be the best option. Here are some apartments for sale in Dubai.

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