Inside the Life of an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship has always been encouraged in the UAE. The country is number one in the MENA region for investments in setting up a business, attracting 298 digital startups.

Becoming a freelancer or setting up a company of various fields is now a lot easier. Dubai has allowed freelancers and other highly innovative specialists to obtain a license from several Free Zone authorities in order to build their brand.

Developed by Emaar, Collective 2.0 is the place for diverse, innovative individuals seeking a homely and functional space. It’s a vibrant entrepreneurial community and social and collaborative setting filled with highly motivated and intellectual specialists, creatives and entrepreneurs wanting to establish their own startup company. 

Instead of meeting clients and business partners at cafes, Collective 2.0 is the recommended place to live while managing and building your business relationships without having the hassle of transportation.

Collective 2.0 apartments at Dubai Hills Estate is beautifully designed with convenient apartment rooms that have a warm and contemporary feel, allowing freelancers and entrepreneur home-owners to work in their own residence while earning money from different sources, choosing projects and setting up schedules.

While the freedom of freelancing and solo entrepreneurship has its perks, it can sometimes be 
lonesome. Collective is a purpose-designed destination for those seeking a shared experience. There are outdoor and indoor lounge areas with modern minimalist furniture where residents can meet, relax and entertain as well as participate in numerous activities within the building.

Within walking distance of Dubai Hills Park Dubai Hills Mall, and Dubai Hills Boulevard, home-owners at Collective by Emaar can meet neighbors, hangout with diverse entrepreneurs and relax at home.

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