Dubai Maritime City completes 25% of Phase 1 commercial growth infrastructure


For its commercial growth, Dubai Maritime City has completed over 25 per cent of Phase 1 infrastructure. The works are to be finished in the first quarter of 2021.

AED 140 million commercial area growth would improve the reputation of DMC as a leading provider of maritime services. DMC said it is expected that all major and minor elements of the modern infrastructure will be completed as scheduled, enabling the site to become a hub for maritime infrastructure that will enhance Dubai's already strong role.

Phase 1 works of Dubai Maritime City infrastructure had been awarded in Q3 2019 with the aim of completing the works in Q1 2021. The project aims to include both major and minor infrastructure to sustain a sustainable city, such as: primary and secondary road networks, 340-unit public car parks, energy-efficient street lighting, drinking water and sewage networks, stormwater drainage, firefighting and irrigation networks, telecom connectivity, a pump station and maintenance of existing services.

DMC reported that the main contractor is completely mobilized and completed all necessary condition assessments of existing underground facilities in Q4 2019. Detailed planning was successfully completed for all facilities, and construction work began.

Deep development works along Sheik Rashid Road (adjacent to sub-developer plots along the sea side) have been initiated and 40 percent of progress has been made so far. About 20 percent of the sewerage system was completed and 25 percent of the storm water collection was completed. DMC has said the project runs on budget and is scheduled to be completed as anticipated by Q1 – 2021.

Phase 1 of Infrastructure will also incorporate DMC with the area of Mina Rashid, which includes the QE2 Hotel, Marina Fitness 72 and other commercial and residential facility. The site is linked to Dubai's main road network through a causeway.

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