The importance of comparative market analysis (CMA)


Comparing one product to another is an integral part of almost every purchase we make, whether it’s real estate, cars, clothes, appliances or anything else. We all want to get the best possible value, and that’s why we tend to consider, compare, and often ask people around us for advice before we make our purchases.

Needless to say, real estate is a very valuable and costly investment. We, therefore, need to take the ordinary purchasing process to the next level and ensure that we are not missing any detail, so we can ultimately make the right decision and create, protect or enhance our wealth through our investment. We need to do this because brochures, marketing spiels, sales pitches, manipulated analysis, overly promising sales and persuasive marketing people can all lead us to make badly informed, if not incorrect, decisions. Sometimes what appears on the surface is not the full picture. The devil is in the detail and, given the cost and value of the real estate, this is something no one wants to get wrong. Make sure you know how to get it right by reading The Art of Real Estate:

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