The impact of the 2020 World Expo in Dubai


If you’re considering investing in property in the United Arab Emirates, then one of the main reasons to look to Dubai is the transformation that will follow in the wake of the 2020 World Expo.

Dubai is already widely viewed as one of the most exciting and rapidly growing cities in the world, both in terms of population and economy.

Winning the race to host the 2020 World Expo – dubbed ‘the world’s greatest show’ – has made the city and the UAE's future even more ‘golden’. 

How significant is the 2020 World Expo?

This massive global event – held every five years - is always a catalyst for improvement and investment. It can last for up to six months. However, benefits to the host nation can stretch on for some years after the participants from 190 countries return home. 

Dubai already has robust legacy plans for the event, including an initiative to transform and repurpose the huge World Expo site into a new series of integrated communities and open spaces to shape the 'Dubai of the future’.

The World Expo will put Dubai even more firmly in the global spotlight, as it looks set to attract around 25 million visitors. It features a series of high profile sessions to share important economic, sustainability and environmental innovations and is based on a network of pavilions, exhibitions and cultural events.

Each World Expo is a catalyst for economic, cultural and social transformation across the planet, but also gives the host nation and city the perfect platform to show off their own business and community strengths.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said in a tweet: "We are ready and remain true to our promise of hosting the best Expo edition yet in its 168-year history."

The effect on property prices

Accommodation for the 2020 World Expo is expected to be at a premium, especially for participants who need to live nearby during its duration and want a cheap townhouse in Dubai or an affordable Dubai apartment. To be settled in time to take part in the colourful event in October 2020 now would be the best time to research apartments for sale in Dubai.

However, for those seeking to ride the legacy of this huge event, investing in the best villas in Dubai could bring excellent returns, as many believe the Expo will bolster property prices - and bring an even larger influx of business investment.

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