How to make your small UAE apartment look bigger


The Emirates is a beautiful country with unique homes ranging from studio apartments to villas. However, even if you are living on a budget and don't have the luxury of renting a big apartment, your small space should not keep you from showing it at its best. There are multiple ways of creating the illusion of a bigger apartment, some of which are discussed below.

Invest in hidden storage furniture or multi-purpose material

Hidden storage is a great way of keeping many items out of sight. You may buy a coffee table that doubles up as an Ottoman or purchase a foldable bed which may act as a sofa. This type of furniture will ultimately create more space for you.

Buy Lucite or glass items

The transparent nature of glass and Lucite trick the eye into not taking up too much visible space. Consider changing your wooden tables, seats, and even shelves to a transparent look. It may be costly at first but it’s worthwhile.

Take advantage of natural light

Some interior designers stress that a well-lit room may appear bigger than it is. To achieve this, place large mirrors in strategic places to add brightness and reflection. If you’re in an area that receives little sunshine, make use of artificial light. Instead of using traditional ceiling lights that draw light to one place, opt for smaller lamps that add spotlights on specific feature points.

Decorate your ceiling

A colourfully painted or papered ceiling will help attract the eyes upwards. When eyes are drawn upwards, the room seems bigger than normal. For instance, a 3D wallpaper mural with great depth could be a great addition to small spaces.

Wall and floor design

It is advisable to use paint in a lighter hue for your walls and floors. This helps expand the appearance of your rooms while darker colours make spaces look cramped. Another tip is to use the same floor style across all your rooms. This creates a sense of seamless flow and makes space seem bigger.

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