How Dubai Decreased Crime Reports by 62% in 2022


Hoverbikes tested by Dubai Police

Dubai is a shining example of success when it comes to reducing crime. In 2022, the emirate reported a 62% decrease in criminal reports—a remarkable feat for any city. It's one that other cities are eager to learn from and replicate, so let’s take a closer look at the four key aspects that contributed to this significant decrease in crime. 

  1. Training and Development - Officers were given additional resources, such as new equipment and better training opportunities, which allowed them to respond more quickly and effectively to criminal activity. Over 100 workshops and courses were given by the training and development department.
  2. Crime Reduction - The first aspect involved an increased focus on crime prevention. This included increased law enforcement presence, increased surveillance cameras, and targeted campaigns to raise awareness about criminal activity. 
  3. Tourist Police Our Tourist Police Department presented new initiatives that lead to extremely successful results. These included delivering over 50 awareness lectures for more than 4,000 beneficiaries from the tourism industry.
  4. Lost and Found - The Lost and Found Department returned found items to 745 people and honored 14 honest individuals who turned in items and valuables they had found.

The 62% decrease in criminal reports in Dubai in 2022 is an impressive feat that speaks volumes about how effective crime reduction strategies have been implemented over time. By focusing on crime prevention, providing better training opportunities for officers, introducing dedicated tourist police units, and setting up a centralized lost & found system, Dubai has become one of the safest places in the world to live. 

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