The Growing Demand and Advantages of Smart Home Technology


Smart homes in Dubai is rising in popularity as telecommunications companies Etisalat and Du offer these features with their services. Smart home technology can control property lighting, temperature, video and home security systems.  The UAE's demand for smart home technology is anticipated to grow within the next few years.Dubai's demand for smart home systems will increase as a high influx of new residential developments are launching, low market prices along with increasing awareness of this unique technology. Smart home technology can be controlled with a smartphone from any location since all smart features are under one system. Smart Homes consists of home automation, home monitoring and home networking you should consider featuring in your home. 

Home Networking(Internet)
Home networking provides high-speed wireless internet access for multiple devices, both in your home and outdoors. You can have high-speed broadband throughout your home and have multiple people online at the same time. 

Home Automation Service

Home Automation controls devices automatically and may lower your DEWA energy bill. You can control your home lighting, curtains, air conditioning and locking or unlocking any doors at home. This technology relies on smart home devices, remotes and sensors.

Home Monitoring

Home Monitoring allows residents to control the devices in your house manually.  Homeowners can monitor their property with cameras and sensors both inside and outside the home. Sensors alert owners about changes in temperature, leaks, door opening and motion signals. This feature allows owners to track what is happening at home anytime. 


Convenience is a primary reason people are purchasing smart homes. Smart homes users have remote access to heating and cooling systems, multimedia devices and music. This technology allows homeowners to listen to audio in any room throughout the residence and communicate with visitors at the door. A smart home might feature technology that is convenient for disabled or elderly residents. Voice command features can lock doors, operate a telephone or adjust room lighting. Smart technology homeowners can schedule watering their lawn, eliminating the need to walk outside to turn off the water manually. 

Home Security

Smart homes incorporate advanced security systems with cameras, motion sensors that alert of anyone entering or exiting the property. Smart home packages may offer fingerprint identification instead of conventional locks, making it difficult to break into your home. 

Energy Efficiency

Smart homes improve energy efficiency and may lower your DEWA energy bill. Lights can be programmed to turn off automatically when no one home. The thermostat can be adjusted to a temperature during specific times of the day. These home automated services are environmentally friendly and will decrease the use of electricity and water, reducing the waste of natural resources.

A Boost in Resale Value

Sellers possess many selling points that will appeal to prospective home buyers. Homeowners can elaborate on the system's features and how smart homes increase efficiency, accessibility and security. The energy efficiency and practicality of smart homes will make your property unique among home buyers. Smart home popularity is projected to grow in the UAE. Sellers should factor the resale benefits of smart technology since Dubai's real estate market favors buyers due to lower property prices and an increasingly growing population. 

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