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You know somebody asked me why didn’t I stop, but they are not going pay me anything if I stop, if I stop the world will not reward me the world will not pay me anything, so, I think I will never stop, as long as I’m breathing, or as long as I can afford not to stop.

Today is probably a bit different, or totally different as we are filming from the road back to the office, I am going to share with you in this episode how we are transitioning our staff members back to the office in the safest way possible, so stay with me.

Wow, I could never have expected to see the parking in Bay Square of Business Bay, on a business day, as empty as this.

Having the CEO or the leader or the manager being at the office as well will give a sense of comfort to everyone else.

For me it is exciting to be honest, for me its passion whether I am working from home or at the office. You know seeing our physical office just drives me madly happy.

So I am not claiming that this is the best practice because I think it is a learning process for everyone and no one has experienced this before. What we did at FAM properties is that we planned it on 3 phases, and the plan is grounded on two things,

Number one is establishing a strict protocol and governance to govern the operation within the office once people return to the office.

Number two is to ensure that of course, the physical office has been deep-cleaned, sanitized, and also all the tools and resources required to implement your protocol is made available, such as masks, gloves.

So phase number one was only to bring key individuals back to the most important departments in the company that requires them to be back to the office and of course we made sure that all the rooms do not take more than 20% of its full capacity. 

So phase number two is to bring only selected team members or sales force back to our offices and branches which we have already done. 

Phase number three, no one knows what is going to happen basically to reach a full fledged capacity, but what we are mindful of as a company is that we are ready to redesign our office to accommodate that will fits the new norm, no one knows when this is going to be over and I think that over the coming couple of weeks we will be working on redesigning our office to be the best fit possible to operate efficiently for our of course our team members as well as for our clients.

And I think the take away for you and especially for business owner and leaders is to really start thinking of how you can shift gradually and most importantly safely and remember what ever we do yes we are a profit center and we all want to create successful businesses but whatever we do has to be done at the most human level possible.

That is it for now I hope that you enjoyed watching ST with your host Firas Al Msaddi. Please feel free to share any constructive comments in the comment section below; it would be good to share your knowledge and exp with the rest of the business community. 

Stay tuned for many more to come and stay safe.

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