Everything You Need to Know About Dubai's Flying Taxis


Dubai aims to become a symbol of excellence for future cities seeking to be transformed into the world's smartest city.


The Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) in Dubai has signed an agreement with the German Volocopter company who specializes in autonomous air vehicles. The agreement aims to launch the world's first autonomous air taxi AAT capable of transporting up to two passengers. The AAT is characterized by its autonomous flight that enables the transfer of people to their destination without human intervention or the need for a flight license. The AAT is powered   with 18 rotors that ensure safe flying and landing in the event of any rotor failure. The trial operation and certification program will begin this year and continue for five years. The RTA will cooperate with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority to develop the world's first AAT legislative and operational guidelines.

Volocopter Dubai

Driverless vehicle technology in Dubai intends to convert 25% of the city's mass transit system to autonomous driving. This technology is a problem solver for Dubai's traffic as the Emirate's population increases each year. The ATT will reduce congestions in the major areas Downtown, JBR and more. Autonomous air vehicles seek to enhance Dubai's resident happiness and strengthen the Emirate's global reputation as the most advanced city in the world. 

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    Wow that’s cool Dubai flying taxis! It is all because of revolution in driverless vehicle technology. This will definitely help Dubai in becoming world’s best smartest city. And it will reduce the traffic in downtown, JBR etc since the Emirates population is increasing day by day due to a lot of tourist visiting Dubai.

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