5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value


The time has come that you’re finally saying goodbye to your old home, saying goodbye we mean that your humble abode is now available for sale in the market. However, if you plan to sell your home and get a nice deal, you should know ways to improve the value of your home.

In Dubai, where property sales competition is not just as simple as A-B-C and more vendors are committed to getting good profit on their property. Most Dubai home sellers are focused to upgrade what’s needed up to what extent and level of home improvement in order to increase the value of the property without the risk of over-capitalising.

Homeowners can increase the selling price of their properties by upgrading furniture, fixtures, and other items in their home. However, owners should be cost-effective and practical when executing these plans. Also, adding value to your property will allow home sellers to properly market your home to prospective buyers and increase your odds of selling your home. Here are the most popular home refurbishments to increase the value of your property.

Start with Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom are two of the most useful areas at home, that’s why most homeowners like these spaces to be more functional, attractive, and comfortable. Make sure to install better quality materials, if not repaint the cupboards, improve the layouts, and highlight the workflow and functionality. Remove unnecessary utensils, cooking materials, and avoid cluttered kitchen spaces. You can remodel your kitchen just by clearing and cleaning the areas to make it more workable and efficient. It will surely attract more buyers!

Another home space that you need to look after is your bathroom, most home buyers want their bathroom to be spacious and light. It is best to upgrade basic sanitary wares and tiling as well as including quality taps, basins, and water heaters if you have a budget. Invest in kitchen and bathroom upgrades this can attract buyers and increase the value of your property.

Use Budget-friendly Materials and Maximise Available Spaces

Improve parts of your home in a cost-effective manner. For example, you can purchase a carpet instead of laminating whole floors or change the tiles in your home. Carpet can be easily installed, require less maintenance, and way more inexpensive compared to other materials.

You can also highlight areas of your house for sale in Dubai by maximising home’s available spaces. Make sure that your home is free from clutter and position your furniture in an appealing layout. Another home trick is when you install mirrors, mirrors create an illusion of space, position it opposite the windows and your home will look roomier and light. Additionally, you can paint your ceilings and walls with neutral colours to create a more spacious feel to it. Home buyers in Dubai would love to have a home that is spacious and wide.

Give your Garden a Makeover

Your backyard and garden deserve just the right attention if you want to increase the value of your property. Most buyers particularly professionals and family with young kids would love to have a lush green garden at home so getting yours improved is a wise move. This improvement will not take too much of your time, effort or money, you can simply mow the lawn, remove unnecessary weeds, and cut back overgrown trees or shrubs as well as assembling a nice garden feature like gazebo or pergola.

Green spaces are highly appreciated in Dubai, having your garden in its proper condition can create a feeling of calmness and boost soothing ambiance where people can sit and relax. A beautiful and properly maintained garden can also add colour, liveliness, and energy as well as great value to your property.

Purchase New Furniture

You don’t need to spend a lot of money when purchasing new furniture for the home you’re selling. People are selling their home in order to move to a new one and chances are you are going to buy a new set of furniture. What you can do, buy new furniture and leave it in your current home and take the old ones with you as you move. You can increase the value of your home through this furniture and at the same time you can take along with you those that have sentimental value to you.

If you put newer and unused furniture in your home, buyers will definitely notice it and you can then increase its selling price. Make sure to purchase the ones that don’t take so much of your budget, there are plenty of inexpensive home furniture available online and if you have time, take advantage of Mall sales.

Energy Efficiency and Environment-friendly

Promoting eco-friendly and energy efficient homes are a thing in Dubai these days. There’s an increasingly important consideration for buyers to these type of houses. For homeowners, having this kind of feature can definitely add value to your home. You can highlight energy-saving appliances and available green spaces in your house to make it more desirable for buyers.

Buyers would consider purchasing this home if they will pay less on electricity bills and utility costs. There are a huge variety of energy-efficient products on the market these days, so better start considering this for your home especially when you’re planning to sell it in the near future.

Adding value to your home is a way of attracting more buyers yet it can be a challenging task that requires a combination of perseverance and creativity. Our Fam Property Management services will help home sellers and provide efficient property management anything from documents and reports assistance, pricing strategy, premium marketing, asset preservation, and transaction transparency (24/7 online access to monitor your asset) as well as connecting to the rightful buyers while getting maximum return of investments.

Furthermore, in using inexpensive materials, creating more space, and improving the look of your home you can definitely raise the chances of getting your home sold and secure a very good deal.






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