The One-Two Punch: How A Seamless Integration Revolutionized Dubai's Off-Plan Market


As the year progresses, Dubai's off-plan real estate market is witnessing unprecedented growth. 

Bugatti Residences in Business Bay, Dubai

The strategic synergy of DXB Interact and New-Projects has made Dubai an attractive hub for global investors, who have made more purchases than any previous year on record. 

This year’s sales value for off-plan properties stands at AED 126B, and let me remind you, we’re not even done with Q3. This is an 80% increase on the total sales value of 2022 and comes from nearly 50K total off-plan transactions.

Off-Plan vs. Ready Property Sales Values in Dubai Over The Years

All areas and property types included

Why Dubai's Off-Plan Market Is Gaining Momentum

  1. Previously, investors treaded cautiously in Dubai's off-plan market. But DXB Interact, with its direct affiliation to the Dubai Land Department (Government), has infused a level of transparency previously unseen. This platform ensures that every piece of data is genuine and trustworthy.
  2. On the other hand, New Projects emerges as the go-to platform for discovering the latest real estate launches in Dubai's prime locations. Together, the combined strengths of DXB Interact and NewProjects make the investment journey in Dubai's off-plan market both exciting and secure.

Beyond its iconic skyscrapers and golden dunes, Dubai offers tax-free benefits and serves as a safe haven against inflation. Furthermore, with the enhanced transparency and real-time data provided by platforms like DXB Interact and New-Projects, it's easier than ever for investors to make informed decisions and maximize returns.

The Future of Real Estate Investment in Dubai

With tools designed for transparency and real-time insights, Dubai's off-plan market beckons global real estate investors. For those looking to capitalize on a market with both growth potential and security, Dubai, aided by the one-two punch of DXB Interact and NewProjects, is undoubtedly the place to be.

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