Dubai's New Iconic Landmark Sparks Controversy


The Dubai Frame is an iconic project that is near completion, estimated to open in the second half of this year. The Frame is a 150-metre tall structure that signifies Dubai’s progress as a simplistic city to becoming the most modern city in the world. Visitors of the Frame can juxtapose the magnificent views of Dubai's advanced architecture on one side while viewing old Dubai. However, the project's completion is facing controversy as an international architect alleges the Dubai municipality intentionally stole his design. 

Mexican architect Fernando Donis is suing the Dubai Municipality for copyright infringement of his frame design. According to reports, Donis won 1st place in the ThyssenKrupp Architectural award in 2009 for the design of the Frame project. Donis argues that he never received any payment nor was briefed by the Dubai government for the official construction of the Frame.

The Dubai government has denied Donis’ accusations of property theft by arguing Donis lacked the needed local licensing required to complete the project. The government states that Donis received a proper compensation of $100,000 prize money for winning the competition in 2009. 

The Dubai Frame is scheduled to launch despite copyright allegations by Donis. The Frames height is approximately 150 metres high, 93-metre wide project with a spacious floor plan to welcome a large influx of tourists. The Dubai Municipality strategically built the Frame in Zabeel Park to allow sightseers to observe the best views of both traditional and modern Dubai. The modern Dubai will include views of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world along with nearby skyscrapers. Dubai's old side will feature communities Deira, Umm Harare and Karama. A cafe will be available at the top for visitors who can relax while enjoying panoramic views of Dubai's skyline. 

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