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If you don’t have Ejari yet, make sure you get it done before you move to your new house. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that effective from 1st of July a valid and attested tenancy contract is mandatory to get water and electricity services activated.

Ejari Dubai

The good news is that DEWA customers will be able to attest their Ejari without paying a visit to DEWA's customer happiness centres as it can be easily done through real estate property management companies and the typing centers authorized by Dubai Land Department saving you the time and the effort.

As soon as Ejari is attested, the customer will be receiving a welcome note from DEWA via email and sms with the account number and the link to pay the security deposit.Once the latter has been processed, and this could be done through the various smart channels, water and electricity supply will be activated.

It is also important to highlight that the new rule applies to the customers moving to new residences and not to existing customers until they move to a new house.

The move is another positive attempt to move along with Dubai's vision to achieve transparency and efficiency in the government sector.

Frequently Asked  Questions :

1- Is it mandatory to have Ejari for DEWA move-in service?

Yes, effective 1st of July, all DEWA customers are requested to obtain their Ejari for move-in services without visiting

2- Do I have to be physically present at the DLD offices to obtain Ejari once I received the tenancy contract?

No,the real estate management company will issue your tenancy contract and share you data with DLD. Ejari will be handed over to the management company on the same day.

3-  How can I pay DEWA security deposit?

There are various ways of proceeding with the payment of the security deposit:

Online through the DEWA website

The different smart apps

Through the link included in the welcome email at the time of issuing Ejari.

4-  What if I don’t receive a welcome email from DEWA ?

If you haven't received a welcome email, you can visit the DEWA website or any smart app and enter your Ejari number to proceed with the payment.

For further info about Ejari, take a look at this article  Everything you Need to Know About Ejari in Dubai

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