Do I invest now or I wait? Dubai Real Estate in 2020


Do I invest now? Or Shall I wait for prices to drop more? Will prices drop more? When will the market bounce back? Internationally, I cannot see a promising outlook for the economy. Why shall I invest in real estate? All are certainly valid questions, but what is very interesting about all these questions is that they are timeless questions. I mean despite market conditions, it is always valid to ask these questions. During booming markets, some investors become hesitant thinking that prices are too high and it will drop at some point. During down markets, some investors think that price may continue drop more and they get stuck in that zone forever.

In this video, I addressed all these questions in the most practice way possible. Because it takes a crystal ball to give you more clarity on this topic.


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    - Firstly we must admit that the market entered into a recession since 2018 which has nothing to do with Corona virus pandemic. Everything Including real estate was a bubble. Clovis-19 became just a pin which will spread up blowing these bubbles one by one. - Most likely global market will enter into a Great Depression within 6-12 months. This is because of the global monitory system led by the FED bank in USA who keeps creating currency “ out of thin air “ which will end up into a hyperinflation after a V-shape or U-shape Great Depression, and this is when you said prices will go up!! Does it really matter then what price level a house will reach when the actual value of that price (due to loosing of currency purchasing power) have has gone down by 20 times? - real estate will never out perform everything! This is wrongly said. By history Gold have always proved to out perform everything including stock markets, and real estate, Simply because it represents the real money and can’t be printed like currency.

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