Creating wealth from real estate: Rental income or capital gain?



Is one better than the other? Each can be a very lucrative and safe investment when done correctly. While rental income secures a reliable return on investment, capital gain is also amazing – because you often get a large lump sum of money when you cash out by selling. 

The safest recommendation is always factor both streams, because they work closely together. 

When buying property for capital gain, always look closely at the possible rental income. It’s an important indication of future value – and it could be a source of steady income until your exit. And if you’re investing targeting only rental income, always remember that acquiring a well-priced property can substantially enhance your rental returns – along with the increase in the value of the property, should you decide to sell one day or even refinance it to release some equity.

It’s all about the buy. If you buy at the right price-point and factor all the impactful numbers, you’ll always be able to achieve a healthy rental income as well as being able to cash out with good capital gain profits. A win-win – as you’ll see when you read The Art of Real Estate:

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