Conveyancing Support to all property investors for Conducting Property Blocking in mortgaged properties


The Dubai real estate market has always been known for its extensive options for prime properties and its favourable investor-friendly policies. With the support of the Dubai Land Department, the property investors can now purchase properties that are mortgaged and receive full protection for their investments through property blocking in secondary sales transactions.


The process of property blocking which requires the coordination between the Buyer, Seller, their respective banks and their Conveyancers/Brokers support where the Buyer arranges funds to the Seller's bank to clear the outstanding mortgage amount as per the issued Liability Letter. Once the funds are arranged from the Buyer and Seller obtained their resale NOC from Developer, the Dubai Land Department blocks the property to secure the buyer's settlement of the seller's mortgage, awaiting the clearance letter from the seller's bank until the final property transfer is completed. This process provides assurance to both the buyer and seller that their investment is protected until the transaction is concluded.


The Dubai Land Department plays a vital role in facilitating a smooth transaction for both parties involved. Their support through property blocking not only helps protect the buyer's investment but also ensures that the seller's mortgage is paid off and the property is transferred legally. This process helps to eliminate any potential risks or disputes that could arise during or after the transaction, making it a more secure and reliable investment option for buyers.


Moreover, the property blocking process helps in saving time and effort for the involved parties. It streamlines the transaction process by eliminating the need for multiple transfers and the involvement of intermediaries, reducing the time and cost of the transaction. It is also an effective way to avoid any undue delays or complications that may be caused by any legal issues related to the property.


The support of the Dubai Land Department through property blocking in secondary sales transactions provides a secure investment option for buyers, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process for all parties involved.


In conclusion, property blocking in secondary sales transactions is an essential tool in ensuring a secure and efficient transaction process in the Dubai real estate market. The support of the Dubai Land Department plays a vital role in facilitating the process, protecting both the buyer's and seller's investments, and providing assurance to all parties involved. As a result, property investors can invest their money in the Dubai real estate market with confidence, knowing that their investment is legally and financially secure.


Indeed, our expertise will be guiding you through the entire process from assessing your deal and ensuring that you have all your documentation in place and all the way up to gaining approvals from the authorities in the Dubai Land Department to complete the Property Blocking and transfer


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