City Walk — Ideal Hangout For Kids


Having Maria, my 3-year old niece for the whole Friday was challenging. I didn’t know what to do with super energetic little girl. And then it hit me!

What can be better than City Walk? With so much entertainment and attractions, you will need more than a day to cover all.

So our journey started at Mattel Play! Town. It’s a magical, safe, and perfect place for kids ages from 2-10. These little visitors will enjoy playing with popular children’s characters including Barney, Thomas and Friends, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, and Fireman Sam. Play zone also has plenty to offer like live kids shows and play activities while little ones will run off their energy. My Maria loved it too!

Mattel Play! Town

After few hours, we have decided to power up and regain some energy. It was not difficult to decide where to take our lunch as plenty of great restaurants are available around the area. On our next stop, we went to The Green Planet. It was a unique tropical expedition and we explored the beauty of the world’s oldest living ecosystem. The Green Planet is a tropical forest, first of its kind in Dubai, featuring over 3000 plants and animals. You are in la-la once you are there and by the way, Toucan stole our hearts!

The Green Planet

Try to imagine, City Walk will cover almost a million square feet when it's completed, so expect plenty of new and exciting surprises on the way!

After powering up and being fully operational, we decided to visit Cloud 7. It is an open space activity centre for children that allows them to create, build, and explore technology in a unique and safe educational environment, through various creativity stations and fun-filled activities. We really had a great time! Maria’s best-liked is the cake decoration activity and of course the hands-on science education for kids.

Cloud 7

By 7 PM our batteries went to its last bar yet we haven’t visited all the places in City Walk. We missed several cool places including Hub Zero - a state-of-the-art indoor entertainment destination, Caboodle - another great place that offers fun, educational, and stimulating environment where children can learn through play, Roxy Cinema, where you can watch plenty of cartoons and kids movies suitable for the whole family, and many other places to visit.

Hub Zero


Roxy Cinema

In just few days, it's going to be another weekend and we are looking forward exploring the stunning City Walk with the whole family.

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    Nice article. I like it... :)
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    100% true... :)

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