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A birthplace for thriving entrepreneurs, the real estate market in Dubai is a booming industry. An extremely demanding, cutthroat business, the real estate profession however is brutal. If you are looking to simply survive from paycheck to paycheck, then I suggest you look elsewhere. If on the other hand, you are an aggressive go-getter; an ethical, self-motivated and long-term planner; highly competitive; a natural born champion and someone who does not settle for anything less than the best, then Real Estate is for you.

At fäm, we run custom-built strategies and operations for individuals who’s goal is to achieve the breakthrough of their lifetime. They appreciate that there are no shortcuts to success and that it requires the highest level of self-motivation, hard work, determination, enduring ethics and undefeated drive. Past and present results demonstrate a proven record of creating self-made success stories within the fäm sales force and management.

Dubai has over 1,300 registered real estate companies. Why build your legacy with fäm? Away from baseless marketing spiel, fäm offers employees a concrete strategy for personal growth.

Our Sales Record:

our sales record


City Walk - Meraas Holding (Dubai)

Destined to be a bustling, popular and upmarket destination with residential and commercial units alike. During 2014, fäm Properties was responsible for channeling a total sales value of AED 1.5 Billion as of end 2017

Queue Point - Liwan (Dubai)

A mid-market project in the heart of modern Dubai for which we a major exclusive master sales agent appointed by MAZAYA. Total value: AED 280 Million.

Mada Residences - Artar (Dubai)

36-story tower in Downtown, across the road from Dubai Mall. Offering a selection of luxury 1, 2, 3 and 4 BR apartments. AED 600 million value.

The Fairmont Marina Residences (Abu Dhabi)

An ultra-premium property with 249 serviced apartments, which are part of the 563-room Fairmont Marina Resort located in the most prestigious area of Abu Dhabi next to the Presidential Palace and the Marina Mall. We are the first real estate company to hold an exclusive master sales and leasing contract with a five-star hotel chain property. Total value: AED 1.56 Billion.

Marina Sunset Bay Villas (Abu Dhabi)

Another ultra-premium development of 76 ultra-luxury villas located in the most prestigious area of AbuDhabi next to the Presidential Palace and the Marina Mall. Total value: AED 1.2 Billion.


  1. Online marketing: For the last two years we have been the undisputed leader in digital marketing amongst real estate companies in Dubai. We pride ourselves with a vast video library on YouTube for properties in Dubai with over 2,500 videos; super optimized mini websites that are highly ranked on Google: offplan-properties.ae, thevillaproject.com; unmatched capabilities to present real time data of real estate transactions on famproperties.com and fam real estate blog which aims to educate readers on the latest real estate trends unfolding in Dubai. This blog caters to potential property investors, sellers, buyers and renters seeking to connect to one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

famproperties.com: People make snap judgments. It only takes one tenth of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different. Within 50 milliseconds, clients have formed an opinion about your website and this determines whether they will stay or leave. First impressions are crucial and that is why we pride ourselves in providing a clean, modern and user-friendly online experience for all of our clients.

Year-round Outdoor media presence:


Well presented HQ and Retail outlet presence

  1. Today, fäm Properties employs more than 169 members of staff, with a 7,000 square foot Business Bay headquarters and operates an additional 3,500 square foot of four other retail outlets. Our HQ mirrors our dynamic pace and competitive atmosphere.

A highly regarded brand in the market place

High reputed brand

So you have what it takes to close large transactions, deal with corporate clients, build relationships with top tier investors and meet decision makers of the largest players in Dubai Real Estate Market? You will need a credible and well-established brand behind you. fäm is this and more. Since 2012, fäm Properties has been recognised as the best top sales performing brokerage for Dubai Property Group, part of Dubai Holding. In 2017 we earned Platinum Agent status, the top tier ranking of Emaar Properties and were recognised in the market as the highest performing agents of Meraas.

Savvy Tech-drive:

  1. Oracle based ERP: The state of the art Oracle Apps developed by our team provides us an edge over our competitors and enables us to pursue our strategic expansion plans.

fäm’s Mobile app:

  1. We are the first and the only company in Dubai that has its own proprietary mobile App. The fäm app enables our agents and stake holders to customize their profile and provides them with personalized access to our CRM.

Recognized market reports and statistics:

Market reports
  1. Our platform, famproperties.com showcases the latest updates in the Dubai real estate market through interactive reports that explain statistics and trends such as market supply, sales transactions, and rental index. This information is made readily accessible so our clients don’t need to search for it elsewhere.

Number of certified Property Consultants:  

certified consultants
  1. fäm has over 80 RERA certified agents making up over 20 different nationalities and professional backgrounds.

Performance Management System: Career Growth

Career growth
  1. Our performance management system enables us to create personalized milestones that enable all employees to navigate progressively toward their career growth target. The management is a big believer in HR and its contribution to the success of the company.

fäm’s Training Portfolio:

Training portfolio
  1. The only difference between a broker selling a 300,000 Dirham Property and a broker selling a 20 million Dirham property is their knowledge and experience. As your CEO, I have developed over 60 training materials that are derived from my personal experience in real estate. This is not a training manual that has been written by an international franchise in a different part of the world and adapted to serve in its best capacity in the Dubai market. The training materials taught at fäm Properties apply to you, your market and your success within this market.

Agent’s Loyalty Program:

Loyalty program
  1. We understand that winners want to grow without limits, career wise and financially, and as a result we offer a commission scheme that reaches 70% for agents based on the length of their employment at fäm Properties.

The Backbone of fäm

  1. Our HR, Marketing department, Oracle team, Quality Assurance team, Call centre, the Multimedia Team, Project Directors and Finance team work collectively to enable you to maximize and multiply the capacity and potentials of your hard-work and experience.

Highly qualified team of Sales & Leasing Directors

sales directors
  1. We currently have four sales directors and three team managers who are dedicated to ensuring company growth and success.

fäm’s Visionary Leaders:

  1. CEO: Firas Al Msaddi
Firas Al Msaddi

Firas Al Msaddi moved to Dubai in December 2005 from his native Syria for his new job as a sales executive for Armani Jeans in Deira City Centre shopping mall. With limited English language proficiencies, he worked double shifts in order to learn and develop his skills as quickly as possible.  Within 18 months, he set his sights on forging a career in the real estate industry, undertaking more than 50 job interviews. 

His breakthrough came from a small boutique real estate agency in Dubai Marina mid-way through 2007 and he was quickly headhunted to another agency to assume a Sales Manager role by the end of the year; less than two years later he was running the office and studying for a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Dubai.

In addition to running the day to day operations at fäm Properties, he also manages an investment portfolio for ultra-high net worth individuals in the GCC, while other businesses that he created within the fäm Group are fäm Real Estate Development Advisory, fäm Interior Design, fäm Media 24/7 and fäm Holiday Homes.

He has been called a serial entrepreneur and credits his vision and drive to his parents and wife, all of whom encouraged and inspired him, and his overriding belief is that the harder one works, the luckier one gets. 


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COO: Fateh Al Msaddi:


Fateh Al Msaddi

Born 1986, Native Syrian, Fateh has studied in Syria and Canada. His major is IS (Information Systems) which is a combination of Business & Computer Science.  This combination of science has contributed toward fäm success. He always strives to keep his knowledge current.

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Firas Al Msaddi - Winner of Real estate tycoon award
He recently awarded the Real Estate Tycoon award by Dubai land department for his accomplishments.


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