Interesting facts about Bluewaters Island and Ain Dubai


It’s no doubt a ground-breaking landmark and by far one of the most popular destinations in Dubai. Located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence opposite The Beach, Bluewaters Island blends a family-friendly atmosphere along with the exhilaration of urban city life.

Before heading to the man-made mixed-use island, here are some quick facts on Bluewaters Island:

  • The island was made of 4,118,425 m3 of sand and 962,530 m2 of rock
  • It hosts Bluewaters Residences, an exclusive selection of 10 apartment buildings, 4 penthouses, and 17 townhouses.
  • There are 164 retail, dining and entertainment outlets
  • It has the only other Caesars Palace property in the world besides the Las Vegas one
  • Easily accessible to Dubai’s marina areas: 45 min to Abu Dhabi Airport, 30 min to Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum Airport, 7 min to Dubai Marina and 20 min to Downtown Dubai.
  • There is a 265m pedestrian bridge linking the island to the beachfront at Jumeirah Beach Residence.
  • It will operate the Group Rapid Transit (GRT) service - driverless vehicle system - that will be linked to the Dubai Metro Red Line. 

While at the centre of the attention of the pristine grandeur is the world's largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai. Apart from towering above the Jumeirah Beach Residence coastline, these are facts about Ain Dubai you need to know:

  • World’s largest observation wheel at 210m high
  • Construction started in 2013
  • Diameters of the legs are 6.5m
  • Two legs at a time were taken on site on a barge
  • Length of each leg is 126m, which fits 15 London buses
  • 6 dampers inside legs and a-frames stabilise wheel in strong winds
  • During construction, each crane can lift up to 3,000 tonnes
  • The spindle weighs as much as four A380 airplanes
  • A huge project with some of the largest equipment
  • It costs US $1.6 billion
  • It consists of 40 capsules
  • It holds 1,400 visitors per ride

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