Why you should always negotiate real estate deals through a professional


Whether you’re a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, it’s always better to negotiate through a professional middle party, fully briefed to work towards your best interests. Why? 

If you negotiate directly yourself, you may be negatively affected by:

  • Lack of time to think. Sometimes, if you are negotiating with a well-seasoned and experienced party, you might be cornered into making an on-the-spot decision. With a middle party as a go-between, it’s easier to ask for more time to consider your options.
  • Getting personal. Sometimes egos get in the way. Remember, it’s about the deal, not personalities – so leave it to a professional.

You might also miss out on these benefits:

  • Being able to “test the waters”. A middle party can ask candid questions you might not be able to.
  • Flexibility. Your representative can always ask to get back to you and come up with an alternative, as can the other negotiating party.

A professional will guide you and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal. Their market knowledge and experience will prove invaluable - without it, even the best negotiator may end up with a bad deal. 

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