7 things your landlord has to do in UAE


If you are preparing to rent a home within the UAE, then it is an exciting time. One thing that comes with all rental properties is a landlord. While many people in the UAE know roughly what a landlord does, you may be surprised to know the full extent of what they actually have to do. Landlords are liable for many aspects of a property even when tenants are living there. This information is worth knowing if you are renting any property around the UAE.

But what exactly do they have to do?

1. Clean the property

You might not realise this but your landlord is responsible for cleaning the property before you move in. It is down to them to ensure it is clean, tidy and in good order for when you arrive.

2. Make it safe

Another thing that your landlord must do in the UAE is to provide a safe environment to live in. This basically means that all doors and windows should lock properly along with there being fire alarms in essential places.

3. Maintenance

Another thing to remember is that the landlord should cover any maintenance that costs over a stated amount in the tenancy agreement. While small wear and tear may be the tenants' responsibility, anything that incurs larger costs must be covered by your landlord.

4. Carry out property checks

All UAE landlords should carry out a check of the property with you present when you move in and move out. These will record the state of the property at both stages so there is no room for disagreement at a later stage.

5. Return of deposit

One thing all landlords will do is request a security deposit payment when the contracts are first signed. If the property is in the same condition when you move out as it was when you moved in, they must give it back to you.

6. Be easy to communicate with

Your landlord must be easy to get hold of and make it simple to communicate with them. If your landlord travels often, they should leave a contact who you can get in touch within any emergency.

7. Home insurance

Your landlord has to take out a home insurance policy on the property as the owner. A good tip though is to also take out contents insurance as the tenant for extra protection.

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