5 Most expensive foods in the world

  • 5 Most expensive foods in the world

    You’ve just closed a deal for a villa for sale in Palm Jumeirah, now you need some expensive luxury food items to go with your plush new surroundings. In this article, we count down five of the most expensive foods available at the moment, listed in price per kg.

    5. Almas caviar - $10,139

    Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the costliest caviar on the planet, Almas comes from a scarce albino variation of the Iranian beluga or sturgeon, and the yellow eggs they produce are much sought-after for their tremendous flavour.

    4. Ruby Roman grapes - $11,139

    The first of two Japanese foods on the list are Ruby Roman grapes, an unusual grape type that can grow to the size of table-tennis balls and which is exceedingly rare. The quality standards are set so high that it is not uncommon for just a single bunch of these grapes to meet these standards. In 2018, one buyer spent $11,139 on a bunch of 24 grapes, which works out at around $462 per grape!

    3. Yubari King melons - $27,229

    Sweet and juicy, these melons are in fact a hybrid of two separate varieties of the more modestly priced cantaloupes, and it is their immense sweetness that makes them so pricey. Typically sold in pairs of around 1.3 kilograms, they are considered as an extravagant gift in Japan, with one buyer paying $27,229 at an auction back in 2017.

    2. Edible gold - $287,800

    As with iron and calcium, gold is a mineral that can be consumed by humans, and it is often used for decorative purposes such as cake decorations or for adding some extra sparkle to a glass of champagne. It usually comes as flakes, leaves or dust and is typically 23 or 24-carats, making a kilogram of the stuff cost $287,800.

    1. Da Hong Pao tea - $1.11 million

    This dark-coloured oolong tea can only be found growing in the Wuyi Mountains in China, and although you can purchase less expensive tea that hasn’t been grown by the original ancient trees, the aged version can cost a fortune. In 2002, one collector shelled out $21,700 for just 20g of the stuff, which translates to $1.11 million for a kilogram.


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