How did fäm Disrupt the Dubai Real Estate Market in 2022?



How did fäm Disrupt the Dubai Real Estate Market in 2022?



There are those who worked hard to stay afloat in this fast-paced, competitive market, but as a result of our corporate strategies, timely execution, and the support of our significant company investment, we successfully delivered on our promises at fäm Properties; not only to our stakeholders and clients but also to our employees and to the Dubai Land Department, the  Government of Dubai.

We continue to reflect on our vision (to disrupt and redefine the real estate market in the UAE) and our mission (to empower our employees to help our clients realize their ambitions through service excellence, market knowledge, and technological innovation) in everything we do and plan to do. 

The fruit of half a decade of hard work is the launch of Born in 2022 out of a collaborative initiative signed in Q4 2021 between fäm Properties and the Dubai Land Department, DXB Interact is the first and only platform to seize the opportunity to contribute to the vision of the Dubai Government under the open data source initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


How has DXB Interact Made Waves in Dubai Real Estate market? 

Buyers and Sellers no longer make decisions before studying the real transactions of sales in their area or project of interest. 

Tenants and landlords are now able to make more well-informed decisions as DXB Interact offers open access to all leasing transactions (rental prices, rental periods, and full history). 

Developers have better insights into resale values and primary sales transactions as well as the current and future supply of properties in Dubai. 

Real Estate agents are learning more than they have ever before about the market and are able to generate reports that enlighten their clients. 

Property Evaluation companies and banks are using DXBinteract to make more accurate property evaluations. 

Foreign and institutional real estate investors are now aware that Dubai has become one of the most transparent and stable real estate markets in the world. 

With all market stakeholders making more informed decisions, the Dubai real estate market has become increasingly competitive, progressive, and sustainable. 

As always, our love and respect goes to the leadership of this great city and to all market stakeholders.

To learn more visit and download the mobile app DXB Interact on your smartphone to access a world of real-time data and statistics for the Dubai real estate market.

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