Dubai Property Development To Deliver 163,840 New Units Over Next Five Years


New fäm Properties real time analysis of real estate data  aims to make buying decisions more rational for investors, end-users

Property development in Dubai is scheduled to deliver another 387 real estate projects offering 163,840 new units over the next five years.

A real time analysis of the market today by fäm Properties shows that a total of 24 residential and commercial developments are scheduled to deliver 7,336 units for handover before the end of this year, followed by 63 (27,360) in 2018, 36 (19,850) in 2019, 12 (17,754) in 2020 and one (114) in 2021.

Another 251 projects (91,430 units) are either currently short of 100% completion or pending final inspection, with the developers having a 12-month grace period to deliver.

So far in 2017, Dubai has seen the launch of 90 new projects consisting of 36,556 units, while out of a total of 8,529 units delivered to date this year, 5,939 of these were handed over on schedule.

dubai Real estate supply

Overall, of the 105 developments (29,158 units) originally scheduled to have been completed by now this year, 43 (7,878 units) have so far been delivered, meaning the average unit delivery rate is 27% and the average project delivery rate is 41%.

Meanwhile, 59 projects offering 16,993 units have completed over 80% construction to date. The figures are revealed today by fäm Properties, one of Dubai’s largest real estate brokerages.

The company says the new Oracle-powered tool  it has developed, providing extensive insights into Dubai property market activity and conditions in real time, will help real estate investors and home buyers make more rational decisions.

“We took this initiative because we want our investors and buyers to have a more accurate picture of the Dubai property market by being able to analyse facts and figures in a new way,” said Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fäm Properties.

“This is something they’re eager for because it will help to make buying decisions based on facts and figures and is ultimately more profitable.”

The fäm online tool also provides comparisons across all areas of Dubai for properties from studio apartments up to 5 bed units. Investors or end users keen to assess rental yield potential can take advantage of a rental range index which pinpoints rates over ten years.

Although rental rates for the same category of apartments in the same area have varied greatly based on size and location over ten years – a major factor in the buying decision – the gap has closed significantly in the last two to three years.

While two bed apartment rentals in Downtown Dubai ranged from AED260,000-150,000 annually in 2009, reaching a low of AED120,000-95,000 in 2012, December 2016 rates were at AED180,000-160,000.

Over the same period, two beds in Dubai Marina started off at AED180,000-150,000 and returned to AED180,000-150,000 at the end of last year after falling to a low of AED100,000-65,000 in December 2011, which is largely due to an increase in population in that area (23,649 in 2011 to 45,395 in 2016).

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    what are the companies involved with this property developement ? or where can i find anlist of those companies
  •  Umar Khan    Replied to: Rony Antoun

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    Which list of companies you're referring to?
  •  Rony Antoun    Replied to: Umar Khan

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    i’m referring to real estate developpers and architecture offices. we are a visual atelier that specializes in architectural 3d rendering and phography. i’m very interested to offer our services to dubai’s sector and i’ll apreciate if you can help with some list or some introduction.

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