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A vibrant market square, meandering alleyways and inner courtyards, this low-rise lifestyle choice reveals the vibrant facets of Arabic design at every turn. It’s a village within the city, brought alive by its people and its promise of a special way of life. By day, the fusion of stalls, boutiques, parlours and coffee houses add spice to an already alluring way of life. By night, abundant vitality spills out onto the lantern-lit streets, where diners feast to the sounds of live music, and where afterwards, they will stroll in the warm wind beneath the bright moon. The scale of The Old Town Island is personal but its possibilities are immense. It’s where the comforts of the familiar meet the allure of the unexpected. For centuries, Arab villages have perched on hilltops and peeked out over ancient fortifications. In The Old Town Island, you will live ensconced among these epochs while looking out at the very pinnacle of modernity – the Burj Khalifa. Imagine a place where you reconnect with the rhythms of village life while sacrificing none of the cosmopolitan advantages of the city. It’s a location designed for gracious living where both daily errands and fantastic escapes are only footsteps away. The shaded avenues are a pedestrian paradise. Whether you wander aimlessly or with purpose, destinations abound – from restaurants and shops to cafes and bookstores.