Eden House The Canal in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Eden House The Canal

  • Anastasiia Arkhipova

    Property Advisor

Starting price
AED 5.1M
  • H&H InvestmentDeveloper
  • Q2-2025Completion date
  • Type
  • LuxuryLifestyle
  • FreeholdTitle type

Eden House The Canal
Payment plans.

  • 10%

    First Installment


  • 50%

    Under Construction


  • 40%

    On Handover


  • No commission
  • Direct sales
  • Trusted & simple
Eden House The Canal
Floor plans.

Floor plans for Eden House The Canal are shown below. The floor plan details include property type, size by square foot and number of bedrooms.










Eden House The Canal in Jumeirah
Eden House The Canal by H&H Investment
Eden House The Canal from AED5.1M
Eden House The Canal in Jumeirah, Dubai
Eden House The Canal - Jumeirah
Eden House The Canal - Jumeirah
Eden House The Canal - Jumeirah
Eden House The Canal - Jumeirah
Eden House The Canal - Jumeirah
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Eden House The Canal

Eden House, an epitome of sophistication and exclusivity, is an ultra-luxury development meticulously crafted by H&H in the prestigious Jumeirah area, adjacent to the Dubai Water Canal. Comprising seven floors and a mere 94 high-end units, Eden House stands as a testament to architectural finesse and opulent living.

The development offers a diverse range of residences to cater to varying preferences. From chic studios to lavish 1-3 bedroom apartments and expansive 4-bedroom penthouses, Eden House caters to the most discerning tastes. Additionally, the two duplex penthouses add a touch of grandeur to this exceptional residential offering.

As of Q4 2023, the initial cost per square foot for a property in Eden House ranges from AED 5,000 to 6,000 (USD 1.4K to 1.6K). The payment plan, structured as 60/40, ensures flexibility for potential investors. For detailed financial information, interested parties are encouraged to register on the official website.

Eden House redefines luxury living by providing a unique approach to premium services. Residents are pampered with a curated selection of a la carte services, including but not limited to dry-cleaning, laundry, housekeeping, concierge, and babysitting. These services elevate the living experience to unparalleled levels of comfort and convenience.

Investing in Eden House not only secures an extraordinary living experience but also opens the door to exclusive privileges. Investors have the opportunity to apply for a Golden visa, valid for 10 years. This prestigious visa extends to the investors spouse, children, and even domestic staff, reinforcing the exclusivity and global appeal of Eden House.

Eden House is not just a residence; its a lifestyle. Merging architectural brilliance with unparalleled services and investment opportunities, Eden House stands as a beacon of luxury in the heart of Jumeirah. This development transcends traditional notions of living, offering an experience reserved for those who seek the pinnacle of refinement and sophistication.

Eden House The Canal in Jumeirah, Dubai.
Eden House The Canal in Jumeirah, Dubai.
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