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DateAreaProjectPrice /AEDPrice /sqftSize /sqftStatusCategorySold By
27-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-7,300,00050914,344.94ReadyPlotIndividual
27-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,400,0006643,616.67ReadyVillaIndividual
27-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,774,5244753,738.19ReadyVillaIndividual
27-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-3,235,0008943,616.67ReadyVillaIndividual
27-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,975,0007733,847.02ReadyVillaIndividual
27-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,531,7596583,847.02ReadyVillaIndividual
26-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-3,200,0007594,214.93ReadyVillaIndividual
26-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,560,0006074,214.93ReadyVillaIndividual
26-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,200,0009642,281.62ReadyVillaIndividual
25-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,560,0005622,773.75ReadyVillaIndividual
25-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,800,0006932,596.68ReadyVillaIndividual
25-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-19,335,0001,42913,530.65ReadyPlotIndividual
25-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,600,0009372,773.75ReadyVillaIndividual
24-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,250,0008292,713.58ReadyVillaIndividual
24-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,600,0007082,261.17ReadyVillaIndividual
24-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,879,6556932,713.58ReadyVillaIndividual
24-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-3,500,0006025,812.40ReadyPlotIndividual
24-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,560,0006902,260.74ReadyVillaIndividual
21-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,500,0006463,872.96ReadyVillaIndividual
21-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,960,0001,1281,738.05ReadyVillaIndividual
21-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-3,300,0008523,872.96ReadyVillaIndividual
21-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,460,0001,4151,738.05ReadyVillaIndividual
19-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,200,0005172,319.51ReadyVillaIndividual
19-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-11,000,0101,1509,563.94ReadyPlotIndividual
19-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,750,0001,0661,642.25ReadyVillaIndividual
18-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-4,100,0001,1223,653.81ReadyVillaIndividual
18-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-2,300,0008382,744.79ReadyVillaIndividual
18-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-3,000,0008283,622.16ReadyVillaIndividual
18-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,450,0005282,744.79ReadyVillaIndividual
18-JAN-2022Al Thanayah Fourth-1,750,0006252,802.17ReadyVillaIndividual
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Emirates Living overview

The Emirates Living is one of the most sought-after residential destinations in Dubai featuring desirable neighbourhoods including The Springs, The Meadows, The Lakes, Hattan, and Emirates Hills. The area aims to provide comfortable and family-friendly residences set across in a lush green landscapes with pathways around lakes and offers a tranquil community. The Emirates Living master development is home to more than 8,600 villas covering a total area of 52.2 Million sq.ft.

The abundance of villas for sale in Emirates Living attract numerous expat families to invest and have chosen the area as their preferred residential destination. Properties for sale in Emirates Living are desired mostly by expats as it offers freehold properties in which foreign residents are entitled for a full ownership of the property. Its neighbourhoods - The Spring, The Meadows, The Lakes, Hattan, and Emirates Hills, features remarkable villas, exclusive neighbourhoods, and perfectly positioned landscape, all are created for a desirable residential community.

The area provides utmost comfort and privacy for its residents, it features tree-lined streets and pathways, beautifully landscaped lakes, gardens, and recreational areas ideal for those who want to escape the bustle of the city life. Also, the community allows its residents to experience quality lifestyle through beautifully maintained surroundings and state-of-the-art amenities. Properties for sale in Emirates Living are now considered as one of the most preferred investment type of both expats and locals.

Residents of Emirates Living will benefit and easy access from a wide range of community amenities including educational facilities, healthcare centres, nurseries, grocery stores, petrol station, clubs, mosques, world-class golf courses, fitness and wellness centres, retail hubs, and banks as well as lakes, plenty of landscaped areas, parks and kids play areas and five-star hotel in The Address Montgomerie Dubai. In addition, the area is guaranteed to be safe and secure offering its 24 hour security services.

Furthermore, Emirates Living provides accessible routes throughout the city via the Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail Road, and Emirates Road. The area is also several minutes away from Dubai Marina, Dubai Media City, and The Mall of the Emirates.