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DateAreaProjectPrice /AEDPrice /sqftSize /sqftStatusCategorySold By
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Townhouses Cluster 20567,2733091,836.54ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al Mataar-2,322,2214015,785.06ReadyPlotDeveloper
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Townhouses Cluster 8620,0003571,735.46ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Residence (B1)567,273780727.10ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Residence (B1)567,273883642.60ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Residence (B1)567,273883642.50ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Townhouses Cluster 20567,2733211,769.69ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Residence (B1)567,273779727.96ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Residence (B2)567,2734991,136.34ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Townhouses Cluster 20567,2733091,836.00ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Townhouses Cluster 20567,2733141,805.43ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Townhouses Cluster 20567,2731743,255.43ReadyApartmentIndividual
03-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarThe Pulse Residence (B1)567,273883642.50ReadyApartmentIndividual
02-AUG-2021Madinat Al MataarMag 560270,000658410.21ReadyApartmentDeveloper
02-AUG-2021Madinat Al Mataar-30,000,0001,09827,315.12ReadyPlotIndividual
02-AUG-2021Madinat Al Mataar-29,000,0001,15325,159.00ReadyPlotIndividual
01-AUG-2021Madinat Al Mataar-1,330,0005352,486.46OffplanVillaIndividual
29-JUL-2021Madinat Al MataarMag 560465,577710656.06ReadyApartmentDeveloper
29-JUL-2021Madinat Al MataarMag 565446,540710629.37ReadyApartmentDeveloper
29-JUL-2021Madinat Al MataarMag 520361,880749482.98ReadyApartmentDeveloper
29-JUL-2021Madinat Al MataarMag 515275,000788348.97ReadyApartmentIndividual
28-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-2,611,5904525,778.49ReadyPlotDeveloper
28-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-2,524,0444605,491.42ReadyPlotDeveloper
28-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-2,548,6995374,745.70ReadyPlotDeveloper
27-JUL-2021Madinat Al MataarMag 560286,689656436.91ReadyApartmentDeveloper
27-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-2,639,8885564,745.27ReadyPlotDeveloper
27-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-900,0006071,482.83OffplanVillaIndividual
27-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-4,229,8889744,342.91OffplanVillaDeveloper
26-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-1,300,0005232,486.46OffplanVillaIndividual
26-JUL-2021Madinat Al Mataar-1,680,0003664,592.42ReadyPlotIndividual
25-JUL-2021Madinat Al MataarCelestia B1,100,0007631,441.18ReadyApartmentDeveloper
25-JUL-2021Madinat Al MataarUrbana Stacked House Block-36935,0002433,855.09ReadyApartmentIndividual
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Dubai South overview

A sophisticated multi-purpose district strategically situated in one of the most promising areas in Dubai. Dubai South is expected to play a vital role in the city’s business, tourism, aviation, and logistics sector. The area promotes to be a smart and sustainable city by providing adequate facilities, world-class infrastructures, and resident-friendly communities. Dubai South hosts a range of state-of-the-art facilities that cater to multinational companies, commercial establishments, and residential properties, that makes it interesting for businessmen and investors.

The thriving Dubai South has become a preferred destination for people to live, work, and invest. It is designed to support any kind of business set up from startup offices up to large companies and industries by creating thousands of jobs for people across the region. The area also provides a dynamic residential destination for both local and expats. It hosts a range of properties for sale comprises of villas and apartments with top-notch amenities across the area.

Aside from its state-of-the-art business hubs, Dubai South also offers family-friendly residences. Numerous off-plan projects in Dubai South are being developed with properties like apartments and villas for sale, that varies in size, type, and style. Apartments for sale in Dubai South is also one of the hottest property investments in the area, this type of property mostly caters to individuals that prefer to live near their workplace in Dubai South.

Homes in Dubai South will stand within lush green outdoors that ensures relaxation and privacy of residents especially those with families. Also, residents will not run out of things to do in Dubai South, offering plenty of lifestyle and community amenities available across the area.

Once it is completed, the Al Maktoum International Airport will become the largest component of Dubai South which will spread across more than 280 square kilometres. The area will host landmark events such as World Expo 2020 and the Dubai Airshow. Furthermore, its location is easily accessible from Downtown Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the other side of the area.