How to Buy a
Off Plan Property
in Dubai


1Decide what you are looking for.

When buying off-plan, you will not be able to physically view the property itself but you will benefit by making this type of investment, because: - Best Price: The opportunity to choose the best unit at the lowest possible price for the project, maximising the returns on your investment. - Profit Opportunity: Investors can sell prior to project completion at a considerable profit, assuming the project has proved popular and the market is performing well. - Better Payment Plans: With usually lower upfront costs, and monthly payments. Work out your requirements, including budget, location, developer, property type, size, facilities and community.

2Register with a Real Estate company specialised in off-plan.

Buying off-plan property is the easiest buying process in Dubai, but working with an experience agency that has great long-standing relationships with developers will give you access to the best variety of choice. Your agent will be working for you, representing you and making sure everything is in order with the contracts, project updates, and handover process. A good off-plan agent will be registered with all off-plan projects and developers in the market to bring you the best possible opportunities.

3Finding the right property.

Your agent will match your needs and requirements to available projects. Your agent will give you all the information, floor plans, payment plans, brochures, videos etc. to help you make a more informed decision. Some developers also set up ‘mock properties’ to show the materials being used, layouts, sizes, facilities and amenities. Your agent will take you at request along for a site visit if possible.

4What happens when you find the property you want?

You will go with your agent to the developer’s sales office. There, you will choose exactly which unit you would like and reserve it by signing a contract with the developer to purchase the property. This contract is called a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) . You will be required to make an initial deposit, usually in the range of 10 – 20%. You will need to take a passport copy. Also required within 30 days is a 4% DLD title registration fee and AED 1,000 oqood fee.

5Making the payments.

You will be required to keep up with the payments as per the payment plan in the contract until the property is handed over to you as per the contact. Re- selling is usually allowed if required during the contract term. Make sure you completely understand the terms of the payment plan and speak to your agent if you need any clarification.


On handover at the end of the contract, you will be required to inspect the property for any snag issues that need to be addressed. Once finished, a final payment will be paid to receive your access cards and keys. Your agent will help you with this part of the process to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you can move in as soon as possible.