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I am Umidjon Mirkomilov,

I am a Property Advisor
I speak English, Russian, Uzbek.

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Umidjon joined Real Estate to be the most in-demand TOP agent in the business. Backed with a 7-year of experience in Retail and Sales, his transition to Real Estate has been exceptionally fluid. With his talent, he is able to identify and focus on the needs of his clients, as well as his natural ability to quickly learn the in and outs of the industry, he was able to close a couple of deals with high-profile developers in merely 2 months after joining fam Properties.I specialize in Business Bay and Downtown areas; whether you plan to purchase/rent or make an investment, give me a call or send me a message to receive the best property advice.

Customer reviews

anime buterrflyes - via Google

(Translated by Google) I would like to thank the wonderful realtor Umid for the excellent work, who helped me sell my property in Dubai in the shortest possible time. He was always in touch, very attentive and legally competent, he suggested and noticed the slightest nuances and difficulties associated with the sale, which made it possible to complete the transaction in 2 weeks. I 100% recommend and recommend him. (Original) Хотелось бы поблагодарить за отличную работу замечательного риэлтора Умида, который помог в кратчайшие сроки продать мою недвижимость в Дубай. Всегда был на связи, очень внимательный и юридически грамотный, подсказывал и подмечал малейшие нюансы и сложности, связанные с продажей, что позволило оформить сделку за 2 недели. На 100 % советую и рекомендую его.

Muhammad Raqeem - via Google

In Fam my account InCharge was Umid and he is really professional. I must say, the experience was outstanding. The team exhibited unparalleled expertise, delivering top-notch solutions promptly. Their technical prowess is truly commendable.Equally impressive was the staff’s behavior. I met an employee named Annabel ,from the first interaction to the final deliverable she demonstrated professionalism, patience, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

saeed (Ss) - via Google

Thanks to Umid Mirkomilov cos he is very kind and he helped me to choose my right apartment step by step

Georgii Beltser - via Google

Great experience with Umid Mirkomilov from fam Properties. Confident and responsive specialist. Thank You!

zain yahya - via Google

I’ve had difficulty in the past with real estate agents in Dubai but once I met Umid from Fam Properties, it really put my mind at ease when deciding on the apartment I wanted to lease. Really trust him and still continue to speak with him for any questions I have!

Kratos Karshi - via Google

Excellent service provided by Umid Mirkomilov, our property advisor with whom we deal always, we rented couple of units from him. Honest, professional, always on time and exceeds our expectations.

Георгий Бельцер - via Google

Great experience with Umid Mirkomilov from fam Properties. Confident and responsive specialist. Thank You!

maxpilt - via Google

Our agent Umid Mirkamilov was very professional, friendly and helpful. He extended his courtesy beyond our expectations. He showed us the best places in Dubai and made us want to come back and live here, he also took care of all the legal stuff. His services was top notch.

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