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Having worked in the Real Estate sector for over 9 years now across Dubai, Hong Kong and India, I come with a rich experience of the different aspects of Property Market. Fulfilling my client's expectations while keeping them updated about the current market behaviour- I believe in transacting with integrity and transparency. Whether you are an end-user or investor, looking out for ready property or under-construction, I'll be happy to assist you in your journey.

Customer reviews

하루살이 Dayfly - via Google

I rented my place through Sucheta Banik and it was a great experience. She's available when needed and very professional.

mprajyaguru - via Google

Sucheta is the best! She was thorough and professional and great to work with. This is my 2nd deal with her in Dubai. She talks with "data" not just talk only. I have talk to many agent but the way she took proactive approach and her knowledge about every property she recommended is simply the best. Whatever you ask she will fairly explain with pros and cons. She won't force you to make quick deal. but At the same time she also let you know honestly about market condition and consequences of delaying in making decisions. I would very highly recommend her for any of your real estate investment in Dubai. Thanks Sucheta!! More to go ☺️

Sandy Kaur - via Google

Sucheta Banik from Fam Properties is the utmost professional who not only offers an excellent local market perspective but really takes time to engage with you as a client to listen to your needs and make them happen. We had an incredible journey considering many properties with Sucheta who always offered a balanced unbiased perspective to finally settle on a property which ticked all our boxes. Sucheta was always responsive and willing to engage beyond Dubai hours as international buyers. Sucheta really went the extra mile for us and delivered a five star impeccable service beyond our expectations and we would recommend her to all. She also has international experience which is very helpful and we really enjoyed our search and viewing properties with her. She showed us a great range to educate us and we will be recommending her services to friends and family based on our experience.

Daisy Martins ribeiro - via Google

I highly recommend Sucheta Banik! Serious, professional super good service, I bought a villa without the slightest difficulty!

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