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With a lens in hand and an eye for detail, Shaheryar Shahid embarked on a unique journey that seamlessly transitioned from the world of photography into the captivating realm of real estate. A passionate photographer for 14 years, Shaheryar found his true calling when he joined FAM Properties as a photographer, only to fall head over heels in love with the world of properties and real estate. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Shaheryar later moved to Dubai for the love of Dubai city's stunning skyline and ever-evolving architectural landscape. His lens captured the city's growth and transformation over the years, documenting not just buildings but the stories and dreams of the people within them. It was during his two-year tenure as a photographer at FAM Properties that something remarkable happened – he discovered that he was not just capturing properties; he was capturing the essence of people's aspirations and the places they called home.

Customer reviews

Saleem Ch - via Google

Shaheryar Shahid is an outstanding real estate agent in Furjan! Professional, dedicated, and efficient. Highly recommend for a seamless home buying experience.

Yousuf Shabir - via Google

Shaheryar Shahid is an outstanding real estate agent in Furjan! Professional, dedicated, and efficient. Highly recommend for a seamless home buying experience.

Syed Azhar Uddin - via Google

Shaheryar Shahid is a top-notch real estate agent in Furjan! His professionalism, market knowledge, and dedication to finding the perfect property exceeded my expectations. He guided me seamlessly through the entire process, making it stress-free. I highly recommend Shaheryar for all your real estate needs in Furjan

Sadat Ali - via Google

Recently i got connected with Shaheryar Shahid regarding the Investment options in Furjan, I am very happy with the time and knowledge he shared with me, we are still looking for options but i wanted to appreciate his efforts

Khalid Saifuddin Alavi - via Google

I have been in contact with Shaheryar Shahid regarding the investment options in Furjan, i must say he knows what he does, i was surprised by the bank of knowledge he shared with me about the community inside out, looking forward to work with him in some project soon.

Денис Коротин - via Google

Shaheryar Shahid excellent specialist!!! He helped me to rent the apartment, always answered me and consulted in many questions. I recommend him.

Eugene Pribytkov - via Google

I had a wonderful experience working with Shaheryar Shahid at Fam Real Estate. Despite my endless questions, Shaheryar remained patient, professional, and incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. His dedication and expertise made my journey smooth. Thank you again, Shaheryar, for your exceptional service and unwavering commitment. Highly recommended!

Nabeel Shahid - via Google

I had a great experience while searching for my property. Shaheryar Shahid guided me throughout and was very patient throughout the process. Thank you Fam Properties.

Aysha Ahsanullah - via Google

I’m very happy and satisfied with my recent interaction regarding a property with Shehryar Shahid from Furjan. I recommend everyone to contact him if they’re looking for anything in Furjan.

Naghma Shahid - via Google

I have been looking for someone knowledgeable who could guide me the best roi and roe options, i am so glad i found Shaheryar Shahid and he has helped me understand the trends and also the plan of action, i highly recommend Shaheryar Shahid at fam properties for all your property needs

Raj Shethia - via Google

Good overall services from Shaheryar and Xaib in the process of selling my villa and Sharon during the transfer. Wishing best luck for their future deals

DasDanish 2013 - via Google

I recently had the pleasure of working with Shaheryar Shahid from Furjan Branch, and the experience exceeded all my expectations. From the initial consultation to the final closing, Shaheryar demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to ensuring my real estate goals were met. Shaheryar possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Furjan market, providing valuable insights that guided me through the entire process. Their attention to detail and dedication to finding the perfect property was truly commendable. They took the time to understand my preferences, budget, and lifestyle, ensuring that every property presented was a potential match. Communication was seamless throughout the entire process. Shaheryar is always responsive, addressing any questions or concerns promptly. Their transparent and honest approach created a sense of trust. One aspect that truly stood out was Shaheryar’s negotiation skills. He worked tirelessly to secure the best deal for me, taking into consideration market trends and property values in Furjan. 
I also appreciated the personalised service provided by Him. They went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule for property viewings and were always prepared with comprehensive information about each listing. It made the decision-making process much more informed and comfortable. In conclusion, if you are in search of a dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy real estate agent in Furjan, Dubai, I wholeheartedly recommend Shaheryar Shahid. His commitment to client satisfaction is evident, and he truly go the extra mile to make your real estate journey a positive and memorable one. Thank you, Shaheryar, for your outstanding service!

Bilal Alvi - via Google

I got connected with Shaheryar Shahid from Fam Properties, and I found him to be the perfect agent if you are looking for a house in Dubai. He is the guy for you—very professional with knowledge of even the tiniest details. Highly recommended!

aisha Shahnawaz - via Google

Navigating the dynamic Dubai real estate scene, especially as an investor, can feel like deciphering a complex map in a sandstorm. That's where Shaheryar Shahid came in, shining a steady light and leading me confidently through my journey to invest in Al Furjan. I'm a US citizen looking forward to investing in the new world, synonymous with the land of opportunity. Shaheryar's knowledge of the Al Furjan market is profound. He not only understood the current and projected trends, but also had an in-depth grasp of the nuances of different property types and their potential for return. Shaheryar took the time to understand my vision for the investment, my concerns, and my overall comfort level. This created a sense of trust and partnership, making the entire process feel less transactional and more collaborative. I am looking forward to future endeavors in real estate with Shaheryar.

Husain Anas - via Google

One of the most reputable places in Dubai I would say. Shaheryar Shahid was the one who guided me and took care of all the processes from A to Z. Splended experience. Recommending to all who are looking for the best services.

mariyam khan - via Google

I have been in contact with Shaheryar Shahid regarding investment options around the city, He has an amazing way of explaining the product and kudos to his knowledge, I am highly impressed with his dealing.

Venugopal Somani - via Google

Seamless leasing experience with Fam. Our agent Shaheryar was responsive and bang on time to get it executed well. Definitely recommend him for services in Real Estate.

RaYaLi - via Google

I just sold my property though Fam properties, Mr. Shaheryar Shahid was my agent, he contacted me first and I could tell immediately that he was serious and professional, speaks few words but act big, he saved my time and sold my property in less than two weeks, he did all the paper works, solved some issues with the NOC and he went beyond his responsibilities to have the NOC issued in shorter time. I would strongly recommend Mr. Shaheryar to everyone who has property to sell and who is looking for a trustworthy agent to handle all from A to Z, trouble and stress free.

Cynthia Baaklini - via Google

It was a positive experience working with Shaheryar Shahid.

Rabih Khaled - via Google

I want to thank Shaheryar Shahid for his efforts and support for renting my apartment very promptly, he is a friendly and professional person who you can trust, keep going 💪💪

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