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Customer reviews

Ming Gong - via Google

Sarah is very nice and helpful for renting my apartment! Great experience than you

Raya Alkalbani - via Google

م التواصل مع الأخت ساره حجاري ووجدت مبدأ الصدق والشفافية أسلوب راق تتعامل من خلاله مع كل من يتعامل معها متفهمه ودوده عمليه شكرا ساره من القلب ❤️

Raya Alkalbani - via Google

تم التواصل مع الأخت ساره حجاري ووجدت مبدأ الصدق والشفافية أسلوب راق تتعامل من خلاله مع كل من يتعامل معها متفهمه ودوده عمليه شكرا ساره من القلب ❤️

Amal Al Hammadi - via Google

Thank you so much sara for your cooperation

Michele Mologni - via Google

Fam Properties was very professional and they support us a lot, Sarah was a amazing agent and very professional.

Lale Yazdani - via Google

To Ms Sarah Hajjari Sarah Hajjari is one of the most fabulous and fantastic person I have ever known. Sarah Hajjari is most talented and very professional person I have ever worked with. Sarah is very kind and very dedicated to her work. I feel so safe and comfortable having her as my agent. She is really fast and very much helpful by answering to all my questions and her follow ups. Sarah Hajjari is an amazing help. Her determination and communication, extremely witty. She is always on her toes to ensure the processes went smoothly. I am very comfortable and she put more than 100% effort. I would highly recommend Ms. Sarah Hajjari. I will continue most definitely have her as my agent. Thank you again Ms. Sarah Hajjari for all your support and help. God bless you always.

Abdulla Alhammadi - via Google

تعاملت مع (ساره حجاري) في البيع والشراء لمدة اكثر من 3 اشهر وكان تجاوبها سريع و تتواصل بشكل شبه يومي بكل مصداقية وشفافية في التعامل وتعمل لمصلحة العميل بالدرجة الاولى. شكرا ساره على ما قدمتيه 👍👍

Davran Ashurov - via Google

I am really glad that we met Sarah Hajjari because she helped us to find best town house in short time period and professionally solved all paper work and other issues. She is really high quilified and responsible professional real estate broker. Thank you one more time!

Koki Kaki - via Google

شكرا ساره حجازي صدق في المعامله وسرعه في الإنجاز

Spiros K - via Google

We were fortunate enough to have Sarah assisting us with viewing a property. Efficient, professional and an amazingly pleasant person. Very punctual in her appointment, messaged me to confirm the time. Once you meet her you will be amazed by her beautiful smile.

Gurpreet Sidhu - via Google

To Ms Sarah Hajjari This gem has been an amazing amazing help. Her determination, dedication, her follow ups, her communication, extremely witty, committed, patience and the list can go on. She was always on her toes to ensure the processes went smooth, I was comfortable, I liked the place or if I have any questions she was always prompt. She put more than 100% effort especially for my security being a lady to find me a beautiful abode. I would highly recommend Ms. Sarah to anyone out there. She is your go to. Thank you again Ms. Sarah for all your support and help. God bless you always,

Siraj Naas - via Google

I had an excellent experience working with Sarah Hajjari from FÄM Properties. She has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process, and answered all my inquiries. She was very professional, patient and friendly. I would definitely recommend anyone that is looking for a property, to work with Sarah. Thank you Sarah for your hard work and dedication, it’s been a pleasure working with you.

Abood Akkad - via Google

Sarah Hajjari took care of me above and beyond, very attentive and very friendly, weekends or after hours. It's rare to see that these days. Definitely a great experience and highly recommended

Salah Belkhayat - via Google

Sarah is just amazing in her way of managing my properties for rent. She is very effective and always gives great advice !!!! Big kudos

Anupam Gupta - via Google

Recomand delaing with sarah Hajari she is knowledge and pro customer to understand their needs and suggest for good option

José Santos - via Google

I just want to say a big thank you to Sarah Hajjari, for being so friendly and approachable and at the same time very professional. It was a delightful and stress free experience, specially for a new starter in Dubai. The process was completed very quickly and Sarah helped me to negotiate a good deal, highly recommend Sarah and Fam Properties.

Reza Assly - via Google

I am very satisfied with famproperties. they are very professional and fast. Sarah Hajjari rented out my flat. She is very professional , competent, friendly and very honest. She always helped me with the whole rental process. I can only recommend her as a very good agent and I will continue to work with her. 😊

Reza - via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

Tawan Awad - via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value They were so helpful and professional, they take their time to get to know exactly what you want and provide you with the best apartment that meets all your standards. They also helped me with the moving process and aided with all the documents needed They truly made my life a hundred times easier. The realtor named Sara Hajjari took very good care of me, and I’m positive that if I were to undergo any real estate transaction in the future, I would fall back on her. She’s reliable, always available, super helpful, and really does more than she should. She’s a real gem.

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