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Property advisor with a wealth of knowledge in the Dubai real estate market. Able to address and assist all of the client's needs including residential sales, short and long term rentals, property management, mortgage advisory, and home maintenance. Formerly highly experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the import and export industry. Strong business development professional and a holder of the Master's degree from American University in Dubai.

Customer reviews

Rateb Popal - via Google

When it comes to serious, professional and the highest degree of care in business, no other real estate agent can come close to Mrs Nurjemal Yagmurova (Jemala). On top of her qualities above, she is kind, well educated, and has knowledge of not only real estate, but life in general in Dubai. For new comers to UAE, getting visas, registration of a company in the right free zone, finding the right school for their kids, locating the best hospitals and doctors, or which sports academy one should take the kids to, can be a daunting and challenging experience. Jemala is the right person to seek help in almost all aspects of life in Dubai. She always takes the extra step to help her clients, even though my deal didn’t go through, I highly recommend her. She is easy to reach out to, dedicated to her work and clients.

Daniil Chernov - via Google

I was working with Jemala. My experience is awesome, I think she is the best agent I have ever worked in different countries. Very Professional and honest. My requirements and demands for investment property were very tough. Jemala never showed me any scam objects, just the best ones. I was very short of time during my business trips to Dubai, so all shots were very good and right on the dot.

Aida Osmonova - via Google

My experience with Ms. Nurjemal Yagmurova has been very positive. She displayed her professionalism and knowledge in the UAE real estate market throughout our conversation. It is very hard to find an honest and trustworthy agent in the real estate sector, generally and I was impressed how transparent, honest and objective in her recommendations she was. She has excellent communications, client management and people skills and for anyone looking into buying/leasing in Dubai I would strongly recommend Ms. Nurjamal.

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