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I am Mohammed Uzair Varakhwala,

I am a Property Advisor
I speak English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati.

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Mr. Mohammed Uzair moved to Dubai in 2018. He is Hindi, English, Urdu ,Gujarati speaker from India which helped him transition into property and dealing with a range of nationalities. Uzair is hard worker and professional if you are considering to BUY, SELL or RENT properties in the UAE he will put you at ease through the transaction process. Uzair loves to travel and meeting new people. he can definitely help you, no matter what your property needs. If you are planning to purchase your dream house or looking for your next property investment, Mohammed Uzair is your go-to guy who will provide you with a bespoke property advisory.

Customer reviews

Aamir Hussain - via Google

Uzair from Fam Properties is an exceptionally professional and helpful agent, highly skilled in real estate.

David Charles - via Google

I want to give a huge thanks to Uzair! When I was looking for an Townhouse in Dubai, he was incredibly helpful. Uzair not only arranged several great options but also provided lots of useful info about the townhouse and the area. He was always available and patiently answered all my questions. I'm really happy and can only highly recommend. Thanks, Uzair & Fam Properties !

John Fernandez - via Google

Uzair from Fam Properties demonstrates professionalism, offering valuable market insights and exceptional assistance. He's undoubtedly an expert in real estate, and I would highly recommend him in the future.

Sarah M - via Google

"Working with Mr. Uzair from Fam Properties was an absolute pleasure. His professionalism, extensive market knowledge, and unwavering support made the entire real estate experience seamless and stress-free. Uzair's expertise in the field is evident, and his willingness to go above and beyond to assist his clients is truly commendable. I would highly recommend Mr. Uzair to anyone in need of a reliable and dedicated real estate agent. Thank you for your exceptional service!"

Vicky Bansal - via Google

My experience with fäm Properties was truly elevated by the expertise and dedication of Uzair. Uzair demonstrated an impressive knowledge of the local real estate landscape and his proactive communication, attention to my preferences, and seamless navigation through the intricacies of the process made the entire experience not just efficient but genuinely enjoyable.

Nandeesh Kestur - via Google

I worked with Uzair and Karen over a property sale, just great folks to work with..got the buyer, did all paper works and deal was done...I would highly recommend them for property transactions...looking forward to work with them again.

Watson M - via Google

Mr Uzair Varakhwala is an amazing & knowledgeable real estate agent! I had millions of questions about investing in Dubai & he answered them all. Definitely recommend his services to my friends & family.

Terry Anderson - via Google

Uzair gave us good market knowledge and information about the Villa in detail would definitely recommend..

Richard Mark - via Google

Uzair from fam gave us good info regarding the market and the community would definitely recommend.

Amr Abdelhay - via Google

I would like to thank Mr. Uzair for helping me to rent my home.

Ahmed Al Mashrea - via Google

Thank you Uzair for your great efforts

Gautam Bhatt - via Google

Got some good info about the property & market from Mr Uzair will definitely recommend him.

Prinz Marcus - via Google

Mr Uzair Varakhwala Gave us Quick Response on my inquiry & relevant information & great market knowledge would definitely recommend 👍🏻

Arjun Khanna - via Google

Uzair is very professional and easy to connect with. He takes the effort to patiently answer all questions, no matter how many times you ask.

Sharon Fernandez - via Google

Uzair is sharing good market insights & information 👍🏻

Peter Thompson - via Google

Uzair assisted me with couple of unit viewing in Mudon would definitely recommend him.

Edward Tomov - via Google

Uzair is having Good Market Knowledge

Paul Canen - via Google

Would like to recommend Uzair as an Mudon Expert as he is having good information about all.

Riya Khanna - via Google

Very supportive,Very professional Excellent coverage for all real estate opportunities in Dubai .. Special thanks for Mr Uzair for his advice and support 👍🏻

Virat Kapoor - via Google

Uzair provide us good property insights, would definitely recommend..

James Shroff - via Google

I would like to thank Mohammed Uzair for the efforts he spend for giving options and viewing in Mudon . I recommend him as a good referral..

Andrea Mitrovic - via Google

Uzair is an excellent agent as he has the full knowledge about Dubai real estate market would definitely recommend 👍🏻 …

Hammad Qamar - via Google

Uzair is one of the best agents that I had ever known, He took the villa to my family member and he told him every thing about it ,he is very good property advisor and he's knowledge about all the project makes you take the best option. I recommend him highly, to those who want to buy the property in Dubai

Jackson L - via Google

Although we didn’t had a deal Uzair was very Professional and polite to show us properties will definitely recommend to my friends and families..

Vikram Malhotra - via Google

I am new to Dubai so i contacted Uzair to get some brief info about dubai market he is very knowledgeable and professional agent will definitely recommend 👍🏻

Stefano Maragno - via Google

Ûzair Varakhwala at Fam Properties Dubai did absolutely an outstanding job! I was new to home buying in UAE, Ûzair was at the same time professional and friendly, trying to find the best deals, showing all available best options and helping with every step of the way. Very patient with all my requests. Thank you for all the support will definitely be returning back and referring!

Ronit Kapoor - via Google

I spoke with Mr Uzair he is ả knowledgeable and professional agent would definitely recommend 👍🏻

Mohamed ismail Siddique - via Google

Mr Uzair Varakhwala Dealing with clients very good

James Flex - via Google

I had contacted Uzair to discuss regarding the property prices in Dubai and i am really impressed with his knowledge in real estate and is very professional agent will definitely recommend him.

Ramesh K - via Google

I had a great experience with Uzair .He guided me very well and helped me understand everything about buying a property in Dubai . He gave me clear vision of the market trends and the best places locations for investment.Thanks Uzair and fam properties

farah naaz - via Google

Uzair is amazing and very knowledgeable realtor. He understands and gives the best possible options suitable for the client's needs.

Jason R - via Google

Thanks to Uzair he gives us good advice and information about the Market.

Jacqueline V - via Google

Thanks to Uzair he is having good market knowledge and is a professional agent.

Ruth Desousa - via Google

I was in contact with Uzair he is very professional agent and he always recommend me with good properties, Highly recommended.

Yannick Jullienne - via Google

Used Fam Properties to rent an apartment in Mudon and highly recommend them, in particular Mr. Uzair from the Mudon Community Centre branch. He is very professional and was always available and quick to reply and assist us. Seemless process and very professional.

Emma Azarya - via Google

Uzair assisted us in viewing Villa in Damac hills and is very knowledgeable agent i will recommend his name.

Rajeev Pandey - via Google

We contacted Uzair from fam Properties he is very professional and give us prompt response i really appreciate his efforts.

Ramesh K - via Google

It was really nice working with Uzair he gives quick response and had arrange viewing quickly.

Lucie Velebová - via Google

Great service! Thank you Uzair, professional agent!

Stefano M - via Google

I would like to thank Uzair for assisting us in finding Villa in Amaranta will definitely recommend his name 👍🏻

Arifa Khan - via Google

Quick and easy process was done by Mr Uzair would really appreciate his work Thanks to Fam properties…

Ahmed Al Mashrea - via Google

Thank you Uzair for your great efforts

sima kobayaa - via Google

Mr. Uzair helped me to find the suitable apartment. He’s very friendly and trusted.

Yana T - via Google

The process of renting our apartment was nicely done by Uzair.I appreciate his hardwork and would definitely recommend him.

Ali K - via Google

Uzair assisted me in Viewing my preferred properties and is very professional in his work we will definitely recommend him to our friends and family.

Nilesh Keshkamat - via Google

Fam properties was very helpful and professional in closing the deal for my rental. This was our first rental in Dubai having lived in Abu Dhabi. The agent Uzair was competent and went above and beyond his normal duty to help us settle in with ease. He personally ensured all the commitments were taken care off.

Karla - via Google

Uzair Assisted me in viewing several options.He is very professional and helpful agent.I will Highly recommend him.

shakir mohamedy - via Google

Üzair Mohammad was amazing help when I booked this apartment. 🙏🏼

Zeba Qureshi - via Google

I am happy to share my experience with Uzair,he was helping me in very kind and professional way to view some properties. I will recommend Uzair to my friends,family :)

Shaikh V - via Google

Uzair assisted me to view my preferred property and is very professional in his work. I will highly recommend him..

Esther Wen - via Google

My agent Uzair is very patient and give the best service

Hanine Lteif - via Google

We have received great and professional services from Fam Properties as owners. Mohammed Uzair has shown a high level of dedication and honesty. We really appreciated working with him. Thank you Uzair !

Anurag Singh - via Google

Working with Mohammed Uzair has been an absolute pleasure. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell. Very professional, and knowledgeable.He is not only handling my property but helping me to find another property as well...

Nadir D - via Google

Agent's are very professional and responsive in all your queries especially Mr. Uzair

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