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Meet Mohamad Barsa, a dedicated and experienced real estate agent who is passionate about helping clients achieve their real estate goals. With several years of experience in the industry, Mohamad has developed a deep understanding of the local real estate market and is committed to providing his clients with personalized service and attention to detail. Mohamad's approach to real estate is rooted in his belief that open communication, honesty, and transparency are essential to building strong relationships with his clients. Whether you're buying or selling a property, Mohamad will work tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. When he's not working with clients, Mohamad enjoys spending time with his family and exploring new neighborhoods in the area. If you're looking for a reliable and dedicated real estate agent who will put your needs first, look no further than Mohamad Barsa. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.

Customer reviews

zoya jameel - via Google

I would like to thank mohamad barsa for his smart rent advice I want to recommend him as best property advisor

Abood UAE - via Google

‏ I would like to thank Mr. Mohamad barsa for giving me good advice about my future investment in properties

Weekey Janelan - via Google

(Translated by Google) I looked for a house in January. The agent I met, Mohamad Barsa, was very nice. He really treated me as a customer. When I moved, he even hired a taxi to help me move my luggage. I really loved it. (Original) 1月找的房子,跟我交接的中介Mohamad Barsa很nice,是真的把我当成顾客来看待,搬家的时候还特意交了出租车一起帮我搬行李,真的爱了

Khyl Hmdzd - via Google

I had a wonderful experience working with Mohamed Barsa. His expertise and keen understanding of his clients' needs made the entire apartment-hunting process seamless. Mohamed's proactive approach and his "say no more, I will take care of it" attitude were incredibly reassuring. Beyond his professional skills, Mohamed's kindness and gentlemanly demeanor truly set him apart. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional real estate experience.

Hazem Anis - via Google

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to Mr Mohamad Barsa for all your hard work and dedication throughout the home buying process. Your expertise, patience, and tireless efforts made this journey much smoother than I could have imagined.

Reham Barsa - via Google

Thank you Mohamad barsa for your smart useful recommendations

Mehdi Saberi - via Google

I would like to thank Mohamad barsa . For giving me his advice for getting a mortgage.

Hazem Anis - via Google

Many regards to Mohamad Barsa for giving me advice for my future investment .

Moheeb Asfari - via Google

I want to thank Mohamad Barsa for his assistance. Very helpful and transparent person

Hazem Anis - via Google

I would like to thank mhamad barsa for his good recommending to rent apartment .

Hazem Anis - via Google

I would like to thank Mohamad Barsa for his good assisstance .

يحي الفيفي - via Google

I would like to thank Mohamad Barsa for his good assisstance .

Nayeif Hamad Ahmad - via Google

I would like to thank Mohamad Barsa for his good assisstance .

Reham Barsa - via Google

I would like to thank Mohamad Barsa for his good assisstance .

Roman - via Google

Mohamad Barsa was able to find me an apartment according to my preferences . It was very important for me as I was looking for an apartment for myself and my family

Fasin Dvestanovic - via Google

Hey, it was a good experience to work with Mr. Mohamad Barsa. ❤️ He is very dedicated to his work, he provides me market price with multiple options for rent. I really would advise you all to contact him and ask for a help in renting or buying the property. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Marini Londong - via Google

I would like to thank fäm properties and personally to Mr.Mohamad Barsa for the offers he showed to me .He provided me with a various information about investment according to my budget .

مجدولين حبيب - via Google

I would like to thank Mohamad Barsa for the efforts he spend for giving options and viewing in Marina . I recommend him as a good referral to all my friends .

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