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Customer reviews

Ирина Виллиамс - via Google

I had a very good service due to Karim, made a good choice, will recommend him to my friends!

Farah bou abboud - via Google

I can comfortably say that FAM Properties' market reputation is in fact supported by quality agents, and I say this after dealing with Mr. Karim. Mr. Karim is very knowledgeable of UAE real estate market dynamics, understands buyer/seller mindset, is well spoken, and has helped me further understand the UAE market. Thanks Karim!

Tarek Emara - via Google

I have really very good experience with Karim when selling my property through FAM properties.He is very professional and did a great job .I would recommend dealing with him.I would also like to thank Fadi the manager and Karen in the contract department for their great help as well.

Aryan 7 - via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness In general Famliving apartment are better than other properties providers out there in terms of quality of the places. But they are busy and have no good support trough internet .what becomes more valuable for me was the Agent ( Mr.Karim ) who help me all the time with anything I face in , not all the agents were like him , I got 3 apartment during my stay in Dubai in 2 month the other 3 agents were not even responsive . Honestly if he was not there I would go for the extension of staying with Famliving . He made things much more smoother as he is so responsible anytime , professional polite and kind , I just felt like I’m renting a place in my home country so he bring the trust to me not Famliving name !!

nidal rihani - via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I've done business with Fäm in previous years and it was very pleasant. My most recent experience was through a young gentleman called Karim where we concluded a deal of a 1BHK in Dubai Land few days ago. I must say the experience was easy, straight forward and extremely pleasant thanks to Karim who acted in a most diligent and proactive manner to expedite the process, not to mention the pleasant and helpful attitude he had all along , which gives me an additional incentive to work with Fäm again and again. I take this opportunity to congratulate the company on their outstanding achievements, and to wish them, together with their staff, the best of luck in the future.. Regards Nidal Rihani

nada marawi - via Google

Kareem was so helpful and very professional

QinO - via Google

Thanks to Karim for his assistance in finding good units

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