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Otabek Bakhronov - via Google

Humamm very good person happy to meet you.

M Saleem - via Google

Big thanks to Homam Mansour for his .incredible help

waood al ali - via Google

i think choose an agent that understands my needs and aligns my price with the timescales you are working towards. So i think i got lucky enough to meet the best property advisor Hamma Mansour and kathleen brokerage they are really the best.. and so helpful 👍🏻 ... no regret to dell's with them

anas gazawi - via Google

I would like to thank Mr. Homam for giving the best service in a very professional way. The way of answering my questions and enquiries went very smoothly. I am very glade to deal with a good example of professional Real Estate Agent. Wish him all the best.

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