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Ghayth, originally from Nice, France has over 6 years experience in selling and renting apartments and townhouses in Dubai and prides himself on his honest, transparent and friendly approach to brokering deals between buyers and sellers. Ghayth has vast knowledge in Townhouses and villas and prides himself on being able to suggest what units buyers are looking for within their scope of requirements. Experienced in secondary and off-plan transactions you can contact Ghayth for any advise on purchasing or selling your home in Dubai. Real Estate Advisor Working with fam properties Covering all over Dubai

Customer reviews

Hanjin Park - via Google

I strongly recommend Ghayth Ayache and Kinan Ayache. They are so professional and kind even my challengable request.

Krafty Advertising - via Google

Ghayth Ayache you exceeded our expectations, we dealt many times with fäm and it was always a great experience but this time you really made a huge effort to get us the best deal, you went deep in details to make it happen Wish you all the best

Ceylan Kuman - via Google

it was an amazing experience dealing with Ghayth and Kinan Ayache, they were very helpful finding the house I was looking for every step of the way. Shukran Afwan bye

Khisraw Naimi - via Google

Got the chance to be assisted by Ghayth Ayache and Kinan Ayache, very professional and helpful, 100% recommended.

Clara D - via Google

We had the opportunity to work with Ghayth and we are very happy with the service. He is committed and helpful. Detail oriented and helpful tips when you buy a property. We highly recommend to work with him.

BARKIN KARTAL - via Google

Mr Ghayth is amazing. He is so professional followed up all process closely and helped us a lot. Thanks to him and Fam Properties.

Luke Joyce - via Google

Good customer service from Ghayth Ayache and Kinan Ayache

Oz Turk - via Google

Great experience with Ghayth and Kinan Ayache - very knowledgeable in Dubailand area I look forward to working with them in my next rental

Upul Perera - via Google

I highly recommend this company, especially Ghayth Ayache. He ensures to always go the extra mile to help and support all the issue I face with the property. He is a gem and I sincerely recommend you to approach him for any listings u dear fam properties and he will sure you best service at all times.

Genevieve Montes - via Google

Good team to have as your partner in buying a property in Dubai. Ghayth and Wynona were very helpful! Thanks for the assistance!

Lama youssef - via Google

Excellent and professional service, I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor or service! I can’t thank you enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Thank u Ghaith Ayach

Mohamad El Khawli - via Google

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ghayth Ayache from FAM Properties to secure a rental property, and I cannot speak highly enough of their exceptional service. From the moment we began our search, Ghayth displayed a level of professionalism that was truly impressive. Throughout the entire process, Ghayth consistently went above and beyond to ensure that the rental deal was closed successfully. Their attention to detail, quick response times, and in-depth knowledge of the local market made the entire experience seamless and stress-free. It was evident that he genuinely cared about finding the perfect property for me and my family. What truly surprised me was the continued support he provided even after the deal was finalized. Ghayth remained accessible and responsive, offering guidance and assistance whenever needed. Their dedication to client satisfaction is truly commendable. I highly recommend dealing with FAm properties and specifically Ghayth for anyone in need of a reliable and trustworthy.

Kamel Yassin - via Google

I had the best experience working with Ghayth Ayache from Fam properties who was the only agent that I trusted to help me with my real estate investment and he never failed to impress as he went beyond the services that he actually had to do, I can say that I did a successful investment in buying the property and one of the main pillars of this success was appointing Ghayth to manage and rent it out for me.

Christopher Romaine - via Google

We had a great experience with Fam. Ghayth reached out to my wife and his professional approach won us over immediately. As we were looking for a tenant for a newly handed over property, I was dubious about achieving a market rate (no swimming pool or kids park yet), but Ghayth asked us to trust in him and he would achieve a good price. He kept his word and found us a great tenant at the price we hoped for. Highly recommend Ghayth and Fam to anyone looking for real estate help.

Antonio Rodriguez - via Google

Mr. Geith has attended to us in an extremely proffessional and understanding way. He is very knowledgeable in his area and always listening to our needs. One of the best real estate proffessonaals we have met!…

Julichka El - via Google

We worked with Ghayth Ayache to purchase our first home, and we couldn’t be happier. He guided us with each and every step. We are very happy about the area he has recommended to us as it’s a great community. I cannot thank you enough for all the efforts you have put. All the best for you

Julichka El - via Google

We worked with Ghayth Ayache to purchase our first home, and we couldn’t be happier. He guided us with each and every step. We are very happy about the area he has recommended to us as it’s a great community. I cannot thank you enough for all the efforts you have put. All the best for you

Lara Kawa - via Google

I would like to express my gratitude to Ghayth Ayache for the time and effort to make our deal go smooth and easy

RS - via Google

Mr. Ghayth Ayache of Fam Properties was instrumental in making the process of purchasing the property and registration very smooth. He was prompt and professional in his dealing and provided enough information before time for each stage.

Toba Heets - via Google

I would like to thank fam and Ghayth Ayache for the outstanding support and assistance in choosing the right property It was an amazing and extremely smooth experience Ghayth is a trustworthy person where you can really trust his words and advise

Mahmoud Ward - via Google

I had a very good experience with fam in buying my new property in Serena , the broker “Ghayth” was very professional , also the sales progression “Khushboo” was very supportive , thanks you all

Albee Huang - via Google

I had very good experience with fäm properties. As this is my first time buying property and I have no idea what to do. By chance when I was checking townhouse in Rukan and I met the best agent Mr. Ghayth. He is very professional and very easy to communicate. He understood exactly what I’m looking for and found me the townhouse in very short period. After that he’s helping me step by step until we finish transfer. I really appreciate his hard work with excellent service. I highly recommend Mr. Ghayth to anyone who is looking for new home. Thank you very much 🙏🏻

Abbas Awada - via Google

I would like to thank Ghayth Ayache for the amazing cooperation and assistance.

Mohammed Bushnag - via Google

It was an outstanding performance by all means , very honest , caring , effective and friendly , I would certainly recommend dealing with them. My experience was with Talal and Gaith and in a very true manner it was exceptional

Amer Al Majzoub - via Google

it was an amazing experience dealing with Mr.Ghayth Ayach, Very smooth deal, Professional, and Honest. Wish you the best and success.

Kenneth Barnes - via Google

Proactive, promptness and ready-to-explain are key elements that we identified with the agents at Fam Properties. Ghayth Ayache was the agent assigned to one of the properties i was interested in buying and he was a good example of finding solutions and finding a middle ground between the seller and me. He gave a reality check in the property market and gave me space to understand and come back to him at my own pace.

Ahmed El Beheri - via Google

Wowwww!!! Khushboo and Ghayth.. you guys are outstanding. Mortgage to mortgage transaction is hectic and stressful but you guys took care of all details till transfer. I definitely have now some experts in Dubai real estate market to go bk to for future transactions. Keep it up guys!!

Lujain Da - via Google

Thank you fam and big thanks to ghayth ayache; a real consultant in the real estate market with great knowledge. Very supportive and professional👍🏼👍🏼

Laurent Euzet - via Google

Amazing experience, all the team are very helpfull. Special thanks to Ghayth Ayache who answer to all my question. He finalize my rental in 4 days Thank you

Rasmus Runberg - via Google

Happy with FAM Properties, espicially Ghayth, who did great. Always available and good at following up.

Krafty Advertising - via Google

I would like to thank Ghayth Ayache for the amazing service provided. He really took me to a level way above my expectations. Information, knowledge and advises were at their best. Keep it up

Sergio Monteiro - via Google

I worked with Ghayth Ayache from fam Properties to find a villa to rent and I must say his one of the most trustable, hardworking and expert agents I have meet in Dubai. Besides the variety of options we know that the deal will be safe and he will guide you on the full cycle the process. Highly recommended!

Jad Aydi - via Google

Thank you very much for your support. Ghayath acted promptly and with urgency the moment I asked to post my apartment for rent through the agency, he kept me posted regularly about the process and the viewings. He is very professional in the way he deals with landlords and tenants. Thank you for your efforts

Adrienne Doolan - via Google

It is not often that you come across a great agent in Real Estate in Dubai. Today I had the pleasure of the professional services of Mr. Ghayth Apache from Fäm Properties. I do not often write reviews, but in this case it is necessary. Thank you Ghayth and keep smiling.

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