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Asghar Ali has several years of real estate experience in Dubai and is Fam Properties area specialist for the Al Furjan. He joined the company in 2013 and has since been promoted to Real Estate Advisor by rewarding his hard work. He offers an impeccable service to all of his clients and his charismatic nature secured his place as one of the top brokers in his area and preferred agent for a large number of Listings. He also prides himself on having the best properties that the Al Furjan by Nakheel has to offer. Before moving to Dubai Ali was a professional Tele sales agent and he has brought that same determination and passion to his role here at Fam Real Estate Broker.

Customer reviews

RIZWAN ahmad - via Google

MR ASGHAR ALI Is a Good sales property Very reasonable price end good locations

Javed Qayyum - via Google

Mr. Asghar Ali is a young man and professional property sales agent.

Ahmad Chaudhary - via Google

Asghar Ali is a professional sale exactive in property

inaam ullah - via Google

Dad a chance of dealing with Asgher Ali in furjan. Great guy with deep knowledge and very good customer care. Looking for some more business.

Aarti Sukhthankar - via Google

Asghar Ali isa good professional a sales executive in fam properties

julio fernandes - via Google

Asghar is a professional person in real estate business. Wish him all the best in his endeavours.

Muhammad Amin - via Google

Mr Asghar Ali is a Professional Property Sales Agent and he is Proactive Young Man

Arslan Ali - via Google

One of the best agent for real estate Asghar Ali

Imran Ramzan - via Google

Top real estate agent Asghar Ali

Safuan Seath - via Google

Asghar Ali best real estate agent

Main Sajid - via Google

Dealt with Asghar Ali heis a professional real estate agent in Dubai

vishweshvarayya gugimath - via Google

Asghar Ali is a good real estate agent who helped us to purchase a property @ Liwan area in 2016. He is very knowledgeable and an easy go guy who clarified all our questions.

ali chaudhary - via Google

I’m so grateful to deal with this company Easy and smooth communication and so professional in finalizing the transactions . Special thanks to Mr. Asghar Ali for being patient and super practical with us .He is so Smart and trustworthy. I recommend him for all who are interested in selling/buying properties. He has a great mind in managing all real estate issues . Good luck and many many thanks again 🙏 God bless :)

Muhammad - via Google

Recently I have got service from Mr. Asghar Ali . He was very fast responsive, my work is done smoothly because of that person only. He was very helpful at each and every step

ايمن العسكر‎ - via Google

(Translated by Google) Asghar Ali, Mashallah, he is a good man with understanding and acceptance, and God willing, when I return to Dubai, we will meet. (Original) اصغر علي ماشاءالله انهو رجل جيد في التفاهم ولديه قبول وانشاءالله عندما اعود الا دبي سوف نلتقي‎

Kashif Waheed - via Google

Awesome Service by Asghar Ali

Mian Mahboob - via Google

best services provided by Mr Asghar ali

Atta Atta - via Google

Asghar Ali is one of the best agent in real estate Dubai

Marcos Saboya - via Google

I had a great experience with the agent Asghar Ali.

dream indesign - via Google

Great deal with Asghar Ali

Muhammad Safwan - via Google

Asghar Ali is providing the best service.

M. Imran Yousaf - via Google

Wonderful experience and excellent services Asghar Ali sb. Prayers and best wishes for onwards success. Stay blessed.

saiban chuadhary - via Google

Appreciate your services Asghar Ali

Ali 5G - via Google

More than Wow FAM Mr Ali Asghar & Khushboo FamionZ

Anosha Durrani - via Google

Mr. Ashgar Ali is professional and responsible toward work.Definitely recommend for broker works

Properties | Faqihi Enterprises - via Google

Khushboo Barot and Asghar Ali

George Mathew - via Google

I had a great experience working with Fam Properties and special thanks to Asghar Ali. He was really dedicated and helpful. He was answering all my calls. Thanks Asghar for all the support he provided for renting out an apartment.

Violetta Vainshtein - via Google

Asghar Ali very professional agent Good luck

Sunil Birman - via Google

I had an very good experience with Asghar Ali at Fam Properties. His professionalism, expertise, and proactive communication made my search and finalisation of the apartment seamless. He was very helpful in addressing every concern and guiding me through the process with care. Highly recommend him for a stress-free and successful experience!

Ahmad Hassan - via Google

Most recommended agents to deal with fro real estate related, Thanks to Tasawar Iqbal, Asghar Ali and Munawar Iqbal

Abhipray Jain - via Google

Asghar Ali and Tasawar Iqbal had been of a great help in renting and sale and purchase of properties in UAE. Their professionalism, eagerness to help and proactive nature had always been top notch ! Best of luck to them and kudos to FAM team for having great agents like Ali and Iqbal.

Muhammad Aslam - via Google

It has been immensily helpful to deal with both Asghar Ali and Tasawar Iqbal over the last few years. I have found them a sincere and hardworking professionals. They not only possess a very good knowledge of real estate market but also have access to good properties and relationships with serious sellers and agencies across Dubai. I would not hesitate a bit to do my future deals through them.

arslan kazmi - via Google

Worked with Tasawar Iqbal and Asghar Ali, Highly recommended agents.

Mostafa Diab - via Google

I was dealing with Mr asghar ali he was perfect he rented my apartment in one week as with my requirements

Nata Li - via Google

Аsghar Ali very good agent, I recommend it to everyone! He responded quickly, came to view, and is always in touch! very happy with the deal!

Parth Gautam - via Google

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to Asghar Ali for his exceptional assistance in my recent search for a studio apartment. Within just a week, Asghar had presented me with a number of excellent options, all of which were within my desired price range. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the local market, and he provided me with invaluable insights into the pros and cons of each property. Asghar expertly guided me through the entire offer and negotiation process, and he was always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. He is a true professional. I am truly grateful for his assistance, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch real estate agent.

Zacharias Zhai - via Google

I had a interaction with Asghar Ali from Fäm Properties regarding to rent out my apartment in Furjan, He rent it out within the time frame, Really happy with him and Fäm Properties. For sure will recommend him to others and for future transactions.

zelal hashem - via Google

I typically do not write a review for anything or anybody but the outstanding service from FAM properties calls for an exception . I was so lucky to found FAM properties helping me to rent my unit,specially Mr Asghar Ali a very professional realstate agent who listened to our specific needs and was quick to respond. He will do anything to help He was great at getting the price we wanted to rent our unit in a very reasonable timeframe. I would highly recommend and definetly do bussiness with FAM PROPERTIES specially Asghar Ali

[email protected] aleppo61 - via Google

I had a deal with fäm properties and we recently closed a tenancy contract , there agent Mr Asghar Ali helped me in this matter , he was very profeccional , helpful and accurate , I was happy to deal with this organazation . M T

Jaani Fan - via Google

Asghar Ali from Fäm Properties is highly recommended agent, He keeps the professional communications and knows his work very well, Guid me through out the process.

usman safdar - via Google

Asghar Ali did the fantastic Job, He was quick, efficient and very Professional. I was Very Satisfied from our All service.

Tony Abu Atmeh - via Google

Gr8 support through the process from Asghar Ali and Mark.

Zeeshan Naveed - via Google

Asghar Ali from Fäm Properties

Muhammad Boota - via Google

Asghar Ali from Fam Properties is the best Real Estate agent

Fazeelat Asghar - via Google

Asghar Ali a reliable real estate agent.

Atta Atta - via Google

Asghar Ali from Fäm Properties

Ghulam Mustafa - via Google

Asghar Ali is the best Real Estate agent

Al_rehab Cafe - via Google

Asghar Ali and Howard from Fam Properties, Highly recommended agents.

Usama Malik - via Google

Dealt with Asghar Ali from Fam Properties, Ali is professional and trustworthy.

fatima kamal - via Google

Your 2 staff Mr Howard Mall and Mr Asghar Ali extremely efficient Staff and hard working. I give them 5/5 Since 2 years i know them always been very helpful in renting my apartment.

C U T E - via Google

Howard mall and Asghar ali were professional and quick in clearing the ejari process .

Shahid Ahmed - via Google

I had the pleasure of dealing with Asghar Ali of FAM properties. He is professional and knows his stuff well. He will not over promise and lives upto to his commitment. I would recommend him for any real estate transaction.

Simon Currie - via Google

Asghar Ali was great from initial meeting to completion.

Ahmed Alshehhi - via Google

(Translated by Google) All thanks to Mr. Ashkar Ali for his services (Original) كل الشكر للسيد اشقر علي على خدماته‎

Grace Dyke - via Google

It was very good service especially from Asghar Ali. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Fernande Akintunde - via Google

We found our new home with fäm properties. The whole process was fast and well organised. Asghar Ali our agent was extremely professional. Thank you very much Ali for you kindness and professionalism, going the extra mile to support us, even over a long weekend! All the best!

Nimesh Piumal - via Google

Dealt with Asghar Ali from FAM Properties, He is very humble and answer all my enquires on time with patience. As I was new in Dubai and had no idea how to proceed further, Ali Explain and guide me on every step from start till the end. Thank you FAM Properties to assign me a professional agent.

fazal - via Google

Asghar Ali from Fam Properties did a remarkable job in finding a property within our requirements, He was available on every moment through out the process, Even he showed us a couple of properties on weekends also. Keep it up Asghar Ali. wish you all the best in your career ahead and defiantly refer you to my friends and family for any real estate needs.

Asghar Ali - via Google

Asghar Ali from Fäm Properties

amer alyousef - via Google

Thanks to Ali Asghar for the great work and perfect customer service. From day 1 , he debriefed us on all the steps and expected time line and went with us step by step for the sale of our house. Very responsive, helpful and proactive . Thanks to Fam properties for such a high calibre . Definitely would recommend them and especially Mr Ali.

Noor Fatima - via Google

Asghar Ali amazed me with his product knowledge which makes him specialist. So far deal is not gone through but the way he is promoting our property I hope Asghar Ali will be able to find a client very soon. Wish you all the best Ali.

B S - via Google

Mr.Asghar Ali is very helpful, he helped me in getting my apartment handover, I took the handover as per his advices because snagging was not done and developer was making it delay, and with Asghar Ali advices and manage to make my snagging done and took the handover, Wish you all the best Asghar Ali in your career,

Usaman Nisar Shahid Nisar - via Google

i feel so lucky dealing with asghar ali , i am really impressed with his approcah and follow ups asghar ali is a big assest to fam properties . wish you all the best

Mubashhir Sharafat - via Google

I have received excellent service and clear communication from Asghar Ali on my recent move to Dubai.Fam properties are doing a commendable job in helping people find their perfect home. Special thanks to Asghar Ali for helping me with the best consultation

shibu thankachan - via Google

It was a great experience from fam properties especially Mr Asghar Ali and Mr Howard Mall who helped us to get an apartment in mazaya 2 Liwan Dubai in a short time.Thank you Mr.Asghar Ali for your excellent customer service, its really appreciated.

Hussein Alaa Daher - via Google

I do recommend the service of Fam properties The agents there are well organized and super professional and always recommend what best suits your needs when choosing the property for your family I have dealt with Mr Ali Asghar who did exert marvelous effort and the right pressure to make the deal happen he did support me and my family in the whole process preparing the documents needed to register for Ejari We are so lucky having such a gentleman on our side !

Adrienne Maxine Lara - via Google

Asghar Ali assisted me through all the process of renting an apartment. He patiently answered and attended to all of my request and made himself available to my request even if I moved in already. Highly recommended.

Norah Ba Fadhl - via Google

Really happy using FAM Properties services, and special thanks to Asghar Ali, he was absolutely helpful in every step along with simple and clear explanations. Thank you kindly.

Kashi rana - via Google

Asghar Ali is one of the best Real Estate agent I get for my property, He explained me all the steps in details which give me a confidence that I have best agent to deal with. Asghar Ali will have bright career in FAM Properties.

Jalil Hussain - via Google

It was a great approach by Asghar Ali for my property in the Pulse. I hope that he will get me best possible price for my property. Wish You all the Best Asghar Ali

qasim ali - via Google

asghar ali was so helpfull with his prduct knowledge

Fazal cheema - via Google

first time i deal with ali asghar and he was very calm on every step

mohammad arslan - via Google

deal with asghar ali he is taking care of mty property

Cendy Oriendo - via Google

Finally found thebest agnets that are very professional that knows exactly what they are doing , many thanks to Ali

Amer Ali - via Google

Hi, It is Nice dealing with Mr.Asghar Ali for my property in Furjan, he is very professional and knowledgable,

Beraet Salhi - via Google

Mr.Asghar Ali is very helpful, he help me in getting my apartment handover, I took the handover as per his advices because snagging was not done and developer was making it delay, and with Asghar Ali advices and manage to make my snagging done and took the handover, Wish you all the best Asghar Ali

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