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Mediterranean inspired Villanova in Dubailand, offers Dubai’s first unit type known as cluster homes along with a range of standalone villas. The cluster homes offer a combination of four different affordable unit types within an enclosed court with each unit including a private backyard.

Villanova also includes three, four and five bedroom standalone villas and apartments to be launched in the future.

Dubai Land
Dubai Properties
Property Type
Project launch
Handover Date
Title Type
600.00 - 2,000.00 (expected)

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  • No Commision
  • Direct Sales
  • Simple & Quick Process
  • No Premium
  • 2 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Townhouse

    1545 Sqft.


  • 3 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Villa

    2261 - 3498 Sqft.


  • 3 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Townhouse

    1842 - 2069 Sqft.


  • 4 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Villa

    2924 - 4305 Sqft.


  • 5 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Villa

    4845 Sqft.


Amaranta VS-163952,307,0002,270Mediterranean Style 3 Bedroom Villa Ready in 202023CommunityYesNo
Amaranta VS-163841,391,0001,5492 Bedroom Cluster Home Villa With Private Backyard23Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-174511,391,0001,5492BR Cluster House in Dubai Land23CommunityYesNo
Amaranta VS-174961,391,0001,549Suburban location for family, close to the city24CommunityYesNo
Amaranta VS-164011,810,0002,119Attractive 4 Bedroom Villa, Ready in 202024Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-174581,825,0002,1194BR Cluster Perfect for families24CommunityYesNo
Amaranta VS-174531,793,0002,0383BR Cluster House in Villanova24CommunityYesNo
Amaranta VS-163871,612,0001,832Mediterranean Design Cluster Home Villa, Mid Unit24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163811,391,0001,549Mediterranean Designed 2 Bedroom With Maid’s Room13Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163831,391,0001,549Gorgeous 2 Bedroom With Maid’s Room and Balcony13Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163851,612,0001,8323 Bedroom Cluster Home Villa for Sale in Villanova24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163942,307,0002,270Pleasant 3 BR Villa With Est 5% ROI, Ready in 202024Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163821,391,0001,549Attractive Mediterranean Themed 2 Bedroom Villa23Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163861,612,0001,832Classic 3 Bedroom Cluster Home With Maid’s Room24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163881,793,0002,038Spacious 3 Bedroom Cluster Home Villa, End Unit24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163891,793,0002,0383 Bedroom With Balcony Views and Private Backyard24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163901,793,0002,0383 Bedroom With Maid’s Room Villa, Est 5% ROI24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163931,808,0002,1194 Bedroom Cluster Home in Villanova, Middle Unit24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163992,910,0002,9204 Bedroom Spacious Villa, Handover in 202024Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-164002,910,0002,920Ample Size 4 Bedroom With Maid’s Room Villa24Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-164021,612,0001,832Superb 3 Bedroom With Maid’s Room, Ready in 202024Community on 30-SEP-20No
Amaranta VS-163911,808,0002,1194 Bedroom Villa with Maid’s Room and Balconies24Community on 30-SEP-20No
La Quinta VS-176982,232,0002,203Independent villas - no commission - 60% on handov34Community on 31-AUG-20No
La Quinta VS-176971,612,0001,8323 Bedroom Cluster Home Villa for Sale in Villanova24Community on 31-AUG-20No
La Quinta VS-174322,232,0002,2043br independent Villa 15 min from downtown24CommunityYesNo
La Quinta VS-174162,187,0002,204Villanova 3 Bedroom Plus Maids room23CommunityYesNo
La Quinta VS-174153,623,0003,386VILLA NOVA 15 Min from Downtown26CommunityYesNo
La Quinta VS-174593,845,0003,863Villanova 5 Bedroom Plus Family and Maid Room26CommunityYesNo
La Quinta VS-174332,785,0002,9004BR Spacious Villa 15min from Downtown24CommunityYesNo
La Quinta VS-174543,623,0003,386Best Payment Plan 5 Bedroom Plus Maid25CommunityYesNo
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CommonFirst Payment10 %-
 Under Construction30 %-
 On Handover60 %-
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24/7 Security
Basketball Court
Children's Playroom / Play Area
Recreational facilities