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200.00 - 2,500.00

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The community center has the following shops:


-Spinneys Supermarket 
-Costa Coffee cafe
-Oregano Italian Restaurant
-Tips and Toes Nail Spa
-Boots Pharmacy

-Currency Exchange/Western Union

-Photo Studio

-Super Trim Men's Salon

The community has the following facilities:

-Children's Playground
-Tennis Club/Sports Academy
-Gems First Point School (British Curriculum)
-Kids Zone (British Nursery)



Here are some of the nearby attractions:


-IMG Worlds of Adventure (Largest indoor theme park in the world) 5 mins away now open!

-Al Habtoor Polo Club and Resort opening in December 2016 is 3 mins away from The Villa and will offer all leisure facilities including a swimming pool, gym, horse riding and dining destinations.


-Skycourts Towers is 5 mins away and has many retail shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and clinics.


-Abidos Hotel is a few minutes away and offers excellent accommodation, dining, and retail.

Hacienda VR-3886185,0003,680Corner Plot | Facing Huge Park | Not on Road | A125ParkYesYes
Hacienda VR-6834199,9903,600A1 Surrounded By Lush Green Gardens26Full GardenYesYes
Hacienda VS-47984,200,0006,300The lowest price in the market AED 666 EXCLUSIVE27CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VS-131494,999,9905,3005 Bedroom Custom Villa in a great location25Community on 31-DEC-16No
Hacienda VR-7086239,9905,300Brand New | Big Garden | Facing Park |Marble Floor25CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VR-7088299,9508,500Park facing brand new custom w/high end finishing!25CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VS-104968,499,9908,500Custom w/ Basement | Huge Plot | Facing Park25CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VS-73455,600,0006,600Modern finishing| huge plot| Spacious 5BR custom25Community on 25-FEB-16No
Hacienda VS-116474,999,9904,800Brand New High-End Finishing | Park Backing | Pool25Park on 01-JAN-17No
Hacienda VS-143704,500,0006,000High quality finishing Villa with Basement25Community on 15-SEP-17Yes
Hacienda VS-148695,399,9907,144Massive Plot with big private pool, Vacant!26CommunityYesYes
Hacienda VS-95374,499,9905,000Big Rooms All Ensuite | Park Facing | Ready | Pool25CommunityYesYes
Hacienda VS-36185,500,0005,500VIP! Luxuriously Customized Upscale Corner27Full GardenYesYes
Hacienda VR-4496249,9905,5005BR+M Corner Custom Castle w/Pool Facing Huge Park27Full GardenYesYes
Hacienda VS-41263,299,9903,600Upgraded A1 in Prime Location! Backing the Park 26ParkYesYes
Hacienda VS-110444,750,0005,300Built By TVP Experts, Vacant and Brand New26ParkYesYes
Hacienda VR-11045269,9905,300Facing Park, Custom Villa with Private Pool26ParkYesYes
Hacienda VS-113533,799,9905,700Phase 1 Custom Surrounded by Open Parks!24CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VR-8722279,9906,250Spacious Modern Luxury 5 BR Custom Villa w/ Pool26Full GardenYesYes
Hacienda VS-32175,499,9906,250Big Plot | Park/Lake View | Pool | Modern Luxury26Full Garden on 15-MAR-17Yes
Hacienda VS-145023,399,9903,600Facing Park!A1 Mazaya in a quiet courtyard24Community on 31-MAR-17No
Hacienda VS-119954,699,9905,400Luxury Finish | Modern | Brand New |Best Location25ParkYesNo
Hacienda VR-18028239,9905,5005BR Corner Custom w/Pool Surrounded by Parks25ParkYesYes
Hacienda VS-87935,799,9905,700The Only Smart Home! Brand New |6BR Ensuite Custom26ParkYesYes
Hacienda VS-126294,999,9905,500Extreme Privacy | Park Views | Luxurious Finishes25ParkYesYes
Hacienda VR-13563279,9908,500Brand new 7BR + Basement, Elevator & Big Garden27CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VS-95384,499,9905,000Park Facing! High End Finishing Custom w/ Pool25ParkYesYes
Hacienda VR-15764299,9907,3006BR Ensuite| Brand New Custom| Pool| Lake Backing26ParkYesNo
Hacienda VS-146827,999,9907,300HUGE ROOMS | 5BR | Modern Custom | Huge Plot26ParkYesNo
Hacienda VR-15155299,9907,300Brand New Custom w/Huge Rooms| Fully Landscaped16CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VS-151546,999,9907,300Luxury Home | Huge Rooms Ensuite |Brand New Custom16Community on 15-NOV-16No
Hacienda VS-170733,650,0004,760Great Finishes and Superb Layout Custom Villa25CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VS-118779,449,9908,644Epitome of Luxury! | Real Stone | Lift | Pool |New38CommunityYesYes
Hacienda VS-167923,499,9903,900Mazaya A2, Close to Exit, Park Facing26CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VR-2670179,9903,900Parking Facing Mazaya A2, Close to Exit26CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VR-12993219,9905,520Best finish| Privacy| Park facing custom Villa24ParkYesNo
Hacienda VS-77464,400,0004,257Corner Custom villa close to School25CommunityYesNo
Hacienda VR-4344214,9905,400Huge rooms | Pool | Ensuite | Tennis Court27CommunityYesYes
Hacienda VS-71394,299,9905,400Bright Modern Custom w/ Big Rooms | Pool27CommunityYesYes
Hacienda VS-68674,800,0004,820Modern 5BR Custom made villa with pool, Must see26CommunityYesYes
Hacienda VS-48004,200,0006,300Way Below the Market Price, Exclusive with FAM26Community on 14-MAY-17No
Hacienda VR-6554210,0006,673Corner Custom w/basement Facing Park in Phase 1 25Full GardenYesNo
Hacienda VS-47994,200,0006,300EXCLUSIVE! AED 666 PSF the absolute lowest price25Community on 06-MAY-17No
Ponderosa VR-179219,9905,700Walk to Spinneys | B2 w/ Pool | Facing Park26ParkYesYes
Ponderosa VS-72794,500,0005,750Most Preferred layout in Villa - Last Vacant B2!!24CommunityYesYes
Ponderosa VS-48156,099,9908,500Vacant Marbella Park Backing 13k Plot in Ponderosa27CommunityYesNo
Ponderosa VR-6733240,0006,400Large garden, pool on this big 5 bedroom C125Full GardenYesYes
Ponderosa VS-83057,999,9958,400Fully Upgraded | Ultra Luxury | Marbella26Full GardenYesYes
Ponderosa VS-130967,000,0008,100Quality Marbella with Pool in Ponderosa26Community on 05-JUL-17Yes
Ponderosa VS-105356,099,9908,700Hot Deal on a Marbella in Ponderosa26Full Garden on 17-MAY-17No
Ponderosa VR-8815269,9908,700Flawless Marbella in Phase 1 on Large Plot26Full GardenYesNo
Ponderosa VS-74384,749,9907,111Valencia with a pool, 2 minutes walk to Spinneys26CommunityYesNo
Ponderosa VR-526249,9906,673Exclusive! Ponderosa Granada w/ Pool Facing Park26ParkYesYes
Ponderosa VR-7678209,9905,580Luxuriously White, Modern, Bright 5BR w/ Basement26CommunityYesNo
Ponderosa VS-128095,299,9907,400Authentic Style Valencia w/ Pool in Ponderosa34Park on 31-OCT-17Yes
Ponderosa VS-28506,400,0008,699Massive corner plot Marbella in Ponderosa Circle27Full GardenYesYes
Ponderosa VR-5536319,9908,699Walk to Spennys!5BR Corner plot Marbella with pool27Full GardenYesYes
Ponderosa VS-47967,550,0008,500Grand Mallorca.Brand new.near Spinneys36CommunityYesNo
Ponderosa VS-109127,499,9908,500Well Maintained Mallorca, Move in Ready47CommunityYesNo
Ponderosa VS-55796,975,0008,073Spacious C3, 6 BR villa with Pool for Sale26CommunityYesYes
Ponderosa VR-12947260,0008,0736 Bedroom C3 Mazaya with Pool and large garden26CommunityYesYes
Ponderosa VS-137947,299,9908,500Upgraded Mallorca near Spinneys57CommunityYesNo
Ponderosa VR-12358189,9905,109Landscaped, Park Backing Corner Cordoba in Phase 125ParkYesNo
Ponderosa VS-11864,500,0005,380Big Plot Fully Upgraded Cordoba E1 w/ Pool25Park on 03-JUN-18Yes
Ponderosa VR-17957249,9905,200Highly Upgraded B1 | Facing Park |Huge Garden24CommunityYesYes
Ponderosa VS-168454,500,0004,450Open view!Brand New Villa with good quality.26CommunityYesNo
Ponderosa VS-137225,200,0006,200Spacious 6 bedroom villa with large plot25Full GardenYesNo
Ponderosa Plots PS-150293,520,00016,000No Penalties! | Phase 1 | Square | Corner | Park28ParkYesYes
Ponderosa Plots PS-66241,875,0008,0008000 Sqft Straight Shaped Plot in Phase 126ParkYesNo
The Aldea VR-7256249,0006,404Bright | Huge 6BR | Custom | Unique Modern Design47CommunityYesNo
The Aldea VS-10693,499,9903,600Developed courtyard,5 BR Mazaya A1 for sale 26Community on 10-FEB-18Yes
The Aldea VR-17924229,9903,900Vacant A2 Park Facing/Backing | Close to Spinneys25CommunityYesNo
The Aldea VR-12194219,9904,600Bright| Spacious| Modern Custom Villa w/ pool26CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VR-4173189,9905,3804BR+Study | Cordoba | Walk to Spinneys | Near Gate25ParkYesNo
The Aldea VS-110724,200,0004,700Quality built custom villa with park view24Community on 31-MAY-17No
The Aldea VS-45814,899,9906,400Modern | Bright | Spacious | Corner Villa w/ Pool25ParkYesYes
The Aldea VR-7677209,9905,580Huge Basement! 5BR Ensuite | Bright Modern Custom28ParkYesNo
The Aldea VR-11266249,9906,673DP Granada in Phase 1 Near Gate27CommunityYesNo
The Aldea VR-13100239,9905,200Modern, Bright Home w/ Pool, Full Marble, Jacuzzi!25ParkYesYes
The Aldea VS-96964,499,9905,200Modern, Bright Home w/ Pool, Full Marble, Jacuzzi!25ParkYesYes
The Aldea VS-177059,850,00010,125Luxury Mediterranean villa with Vastu compliant49Full GardenYesNo
The Aldea VS-115925,050,0005,300Built By Experts, Corner, 6 En-Suite, Brand New25CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VR-11593269,9905,300Newly Built, Huge Custom Villa with Private Pool25CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VS-132654,199,9905,4002 Kitchens! | Huge Plot | Modern | Bright | 5BR27CommunityYesNo
The Aldea VS-146704,499,9905,300Custom Made Villa in a Great Location16CommunityYesNo
The Aldea VS-122643,599,9904,783Corner Plot!| 5BR | Custom Cordoba | Aldea Phase 125CommunityYesNo
The Aldea VS-55826,499,9508,100Grand Family Villa C3 with a Large Plot26CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VR-13011195,0003,600Mazaya A1 Corner Unit in front of Park25Full Garden on 01-APR-17No
The Aldea VR-128289,9905,740Very Unique finish| Must see Custom with Pool24ParkYesNo
The Aldea VR-12222289,9907,990Corner 6BR Custom with Elevator + Basement27CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VR-7899162,9904,500Aldea 4BR Custom Facing Mosque + Park/Playground 25ParkYesNo
The Aldea VS-27343,649,0003,920A2 Genuinely Available Now in Brand New Condition25CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VS-13766,490,0007,500Size Matters! Custom 6BR Fully Upgraded with pool28Main Road on 30-APR-17Yes
The Aldea VS-48654,699,9905,300Genius Layout | Modern | Corner | 5BR w/Pool27CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VR-3890199,9903,900Facing Huge Park | 5BR A2 w/ Pool | Near Spinneys26Full GardenYesYes
The Aldea VS-180713,450,0003,600Park Facing!Upgraded Mazaya A124ParkYesNo
The Aldea VR-17564199,9904,700Cordoba for Rent in Quiet Courtyard25CommunityYesNo
The Aldea VS-141724,200,0005,380Biggest!E1 Cordoba in Immaculate Condition.24Community on 06-MAY-17No
The Aldea VR-4343214,9905,400Custom 5BR Ensuite | Pool | Closed Kitchen | Park27CommunityYesYes
The Aldea VS-71404,299,9905,400Huge Living Room! | 5BR All Ensuite | Pool27CommunityYesYes