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Dubai Properties announces the launch of Bella Casa, the first phase of Serena at DUBAILAND. This new residential community, is inspired by Mediterranean Spanish architecture - a new and smartly designed concept, bringing Spanish lifestyle and ambience to the UAE.

BellaCasa at Serena will offer its residents a dynamic, lively and vibrant lifestyle through the unique concept of plaza in the heart of the community, elite retail options, green surroundings and recreational community centers. Bella Casa will offer 2, 3 bedroom townhouses that are designed to cater to varying customer needs. Soon anticipated to be one of the most sought after communities in Dubai.

With direct access from Emirates Road, Bella Casa is located in Dubailand, close to DP's existing communities Layan and Al Waha and other key tourist destinations like Global Village and Miracle Garden.

Dubai Land
Dubai Properties
Property Type
Reg Date
Handover Date
Title Type
540.00 - 980.00 (expected)
Off Plan

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  • No Commision
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Building namePayment OrderPaymentPayment date
CommonFirst Payment10 %-
 Under Construction30 %-
 On Handover60 %-
Casa VivaFirst Payment5 %-
 Under Construction35 %-
 On Handover60 %-
Building nameNo of floorsNo of unitsHeight (m)
Bella Casa - Dubai Land0458not specified
Casa Dora - Dubai Land0578not specified
Casa Viva - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
Serena Townhouse - Dubai Land01036not specified
Park View
Al Qudra Road
Dubai Sports City
E 311(Emirates Road)
Global Village
Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road


Bela Casa VS-175531,368,0001,472Spanish styled modern townhouse13Community on 01-SEP-19No
Bela Casa VS-142261,759,0001,936Spacious Townhouse with Maid's Room13Community on 31-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-175551,758,0001,936Spanish styled townhouses with Maid's room24Community on 01-SEP-19No
Bela Casa VS-142211,652,0001,820Middle Unit Townhouse with Maid's Room23Community on 15-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-142361,486,0001,530Middle Unit Townhouse with Maid's Room22Community on 15-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-142271,552,0001,936Middle Unit, Spacious Townhouse with Maid's Room13Community on 15-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-187401,368,0001,929Type D: 2 Bedroom Mid-unit Available22Community on 23-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-175571,873,0001,936End unit with a big plot in a great location24Park View on 01-SEP-19No
Bela Casa VS-175561,890,0001,936Spanish styled Townhouse end unit with big plot !!24Community on 01-SEP-19No
Bela Casa VS-185981,758,0002,736Stunning Type B in Bella Casa For Sale23Community on 23-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-133141,560,0001,8203Bed TownHouse only 1.56 Million24CommunityYesNo
Bela Casa VS-131841,560,0002,0713bed townhouse for sale only 1.5624CommunityYesNo
Bela Casa VS-129091,805,5001,9362BR Townhouse in Serena, Near Emirates Road23CommunityYesNo
Bela Casa VS-129101,350,0001,5132BR plus Maids Room in Serena, ready on 201802CommunityYesNo
Bela Casa VS-129111,265,5001,4723BR plus Maids, Middle Unit in Serena22CommunityYesNo
Bela Casa VS-129121,700,0001,9363BR plus Maids Room, Corner Unit in Serena03CommunityYesNo
Bela Casa VS-129131,900,0001,4723BR Semi-attached plus Maids Room in Serena22CommunityYesNo
Bela Casa VS-142221,490,0001,530Middle Unit Townhouse with Maid's Room12Community on 31-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-142231,562,0001,820With Maid's Room Middle Unit Townhouse13Community on 31-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-142241,758,0001,936End Unit Townhouse with Maid's Room12Community on 31-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-142251,859,0001,513Townhouse with Maid's Room with great payment plan13Community on 31-MAR-19No
Bela Casa VS-175541,758,0001,936Modern Spanish styled villa with Maid's room24Community on 01-SEP-19No
Casa Dora VS-197222,132,0002,271Best Deal 3BR Semi Detached Call Now22Community on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-197332,200,0002,271Investors Opportunity 3BR Casa Dora22Community on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-197342,200,0002,300Casa Dora 3BR with Superb Community Views22Community on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-197302,132,0002,271Superb Investor Deal - 3BR Casa Dora22Park View on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-198541,900,0002,271Fantastic 3bed semi detached 50% DLD Discount23Park View on 30-JUL-20No
Casa Dora VS-197252,132,0002,271Contemporary 3BR Serena Casa Dora22Park View on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-197282,132,0002,2713BR Best Deal in Casa Dora , Family Living22Park View on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-198531,500,0001,9363bed End unit last phase in Serena 50% DLD offer22Community on 26-JUN-20No
Casa Dora VS-198521,500,0001,9362% DLD offer and 40% post handover payment plan23Park View on 15-JUN-20No
Casa Dora VS-197411,780,0001,936Investor Opportunity 3BR end unit Casa Dora22Park View on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-197401,780,0001,936Best Deal 3BR End unit Casa Dora22Park View on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-197392,200,0002,300Great Investor Deal 3BR Casa Dora32Community on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-197372,200,0002,271Great 3BR Detached Deal Casa Dora22Park View on 30-JUN-17No
Casa Dora VS-185621,339,0001,857Beautiful Townhouses with Modern Amenities23Community on 21-DEC-19No
Casa Dora VS-185751,767,0002,684Spacious Layout and Stunning Townhouse23Community on 21-DEC-19No
Casa Dora VS-185722,132,0002,271Spacious 3 BR + Maid’s Townhouse23CommunityYesNo
Casa Viva VS-197381,348,0001,484A delightful family-centered community13CommunityYesNo
Casa Viva VS-196641,578,0001,760Suburban villa for family, easy access to the city24CommunityYesNo
Casa Viva VS-196611,348,0001,484Suburban villa for family, easy access to the city24CommunityYesNo
Casa Viva VS-197541,340,0001,48450% DLD payment 5% every months23CommunityYesNo
Casa Viva VS-197361,584,0001,760Spacious villa located near golf course & lake24CommunityYesNo
Casa Viva VS-197561,550,0001,760No Commission 50% DLD 5% EverY 6 Months24Community on 30-NOV-20No
Casa Viva VS-197321,353,0001,897Suburban villa for family, easy access to the city23CommunityYesNo
Serena Townhouse VS-166421,780,0002,798Spacious Townhouse in Lowest Price24CommunityYesNo
Serena Townhouse VS-166641,796,0002,931Modern Townhouse in a perfect location24CommunityYesNo
Serena Townhouse VS-174981,551,0001,820Portuguese themed, close to school and amenities24CommunityYesNo
Serena Townhouse VS-166431,780,0002,798Lowest Price Townhouse in Perfect Location24CommunityYesNo
Serena Townhouse VS-197551,368,0001,480Only 2 units left for 2 BR Townhouse in Bella Casa23Park View on 01-SEP-19No

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