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Arabian Ranches II is developed by Emaar located along Al Qudra Road. Phase 2 offers 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedrooms independent villas. 

Dubai Land
Property Type
Reg Date
Handover Date
Title Type
800.00 - 9,000.00
Off Plan

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  • No Commision
  • Direct Sales
  • Simple & Quick Process
  • No Premium
Building namePayment OrderPaymentPayment date
RashaFirst Payment10 %-
 Under Construction30 %-
 On Handover20 %By Q2-2017
 Post Handover40 %By Q2-2019
AzaleaFirst Payment10 %-
 Under Construction50 %-
 On Handover10 %By Q2-2019
 Post Handover30 %By Q4-2020
LilaFirst Payment10 %-
 Under Construction30 %-
 On Handover20 %By Q2-2017
 Post Handover40 %By Q2-2019
SamaraOn Handover20 %By Q4-2018
 Post Handover40 %By Q4-2020
RosaFirst Payment10 %-
 Under Construction30 %-
 On Handover20 %By Q3-2017
 Post Handover40 %By Q3-2019
YasminFirst Payment10 %-
 Under Construction30 %-
 On Handover20 %By Q3-2017
 Post Handover40 %By Q3-2019
PalmaFirst Payment30 %-
 On Handover70 %-
Reem CommunityFirst Payment5 %-
 Under Construction40 %-
 Post Handover30 %By Q4-2020
Building nameNo of floorsNo of unitsHeight (m)
Azalea - Dubai Land0108not specified
Casa - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
Lila - Dubai Land0219not specified
Palma - Dubai Land0121not specified
Rasha - Dubai Land0140not specified
Reem Community - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
Rosa - Dubai Land0144not specified
Samara - Dubai Land0177not specified
Yasmin - Dubai Land098not specified
Community View
Full Garden
Park View
Road View


Azalea VS-162784,144,8883,224No commission, Brand New 4 bedroom Villa in Azalea05Community ViewYesNo
Azalea VS-162813,470,8883,052No commission, Brand new 3 bedroom Azalea Villa04Community ViewYesNo
Azalea VS-162803,982,8883,362No commission,Brand New 4 BR Azalea Villa05Community ViewYesNo
Azalea VS-162795,154,8884,185No commision, brand new 5 BR villa in Azalea05Community ViewYesNo
Casa VS-159883,400,0003,143Huge Plot, Single Row, Vacant on Transfer - Type 213Community ViewYesNo
Casa VS-161663,800,0003,6094BR Type 5 Casa Villa - Great Location24Community ViewYesNo
Casa VS-162824,356,8883,383Brand new 4 bedroom Casa villa, No Commission05Community ViewYesNo
Casa VS-174713,900,0003,383Stunning 5BR Type6 in Casa - Well Priced24Community View on 01-OCT-17No
Casa VS-178123,200,0003,143Unbeatable price best 3 bedroom in Casa23Road View on 31-OCT-17No
Casa VS-178144,100,0003,609Single Row, Huge Plot - 4 Beds Type 5 in Casa22Community ViewYesNo
Casa VS-182183,950,0003,383Vacant Type 6 Casa Villa - Best Price!25Community ViewYesNo
Casa VS-176794,100,0003,578Nicest Type 4 in Casa for sale24Community View on 31-MAY-17No
Casa VS-195073,350,0003,1433 bed type 2 Casa Villa away from the road!24Community View on 30-JUN-17No
Casa VS-178194,100,0003,383On the pool and park, 4 + Study + Maids - Type 6 24Community View on 30-MAR-17No
Casa VS-195193,400,0003,242Arabian Ranches High Quality Finish 3BR Casa Villa24Community ViewYesNo
Casa VS-195003,199,000405Unbeatable price best 3 bedroom in Casa13Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199993,600,0003,2344 Bedroom Villa plus Maids brand new Villa23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199883,100,0003,1643 BHK plus Maids Villa for sale23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199893,150,0003,164Brand NEW 3 Bedroom plus maids Villa for sale33Full GardenYesNo
Lila VS-199903,125,0003,164Massive Plot 3 Bedroom Plus maids for sale24Park ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199913,050,0003,1643 Bedroom Plus Maids Beautiful location24Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199953,600,0003,2344 Bedroom Villa plus Maids brand new Villa23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199963,600,0003,2344 Bedroom Villa plus Maids brand new Villa33Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199973,600,0003,8464 Bedroom Villa plus Maids brand new Villa23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-199983,500,0003,8464 Bedroom Villa plus Maids brand new Villa24Community ViewYesNo
Lila VR-20142240,0003,164Brand new 3 Bed single row villa in Lila23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-200834,000,0003,234Brand New Single Row, 4 Beds+Maid,Type224Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-200843,875,0003,164Brand New | 3 BR+Maid's | Close to Pool23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VR-20135250,0003,875Corner 5 Bedroom Villa very close to pool24Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-201174,220,0003,631Brand New 4 BR | Type 3 | Close to pool23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VR-20120220,0003,631Brand New 4 Bed close to pool for 220K23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VR-20062240,0003,234Brand New | Vacant | 4 Bedroom + Maid's23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VR-20063220,0003,631Amazing Brand New 4 Beds, Type 3 in Lila23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-200794,000,0003,164Brand New 3 Bedroom Type 1, Corner Plot23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-200804,500,0003,2344 Bed Villa facing pool and park in Lila23Park ViewYesNo
Lila VS-200815,200,0003,875Spacious 5 Bedroom, Type 5 Corner Unit24Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-200824,000,0003,234Lovely 4 Beds + Maids,Single Row in Lila24Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-201413,878,0003,164Brand New 3 Bedroom, Single Row in Lila23Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-162834,529,8883,846Brand New Type 4 Lila Villa in Arabian Ranches06Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-162864,439,8883,846No commission. 5 BR - Lila Villa, Brand New06Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-162874,008,8883,234No commission, 4 bedroom Lila Villa, Brand new05Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-174553,629,0004,3593 BR- Type 1 Villa in Lila Arabian Ranches.14Community ViewYesNo
Lila VS-175723,800,0003,2344 bedroom + maids Lila type 224Community View on 31-MAR-17No
Palma VS-175444,500,0003,488Single Row, type 6 Palma villa16Community ViewYesNo
Rasha VS-195106,452,0006,006Park facing 6bed Rasha villa with negative premium36Park ViewYesNo
Rasha VS-195117,000,0006,006Park facing 6 bedroom villa in Rasha36Park ViewYesNo
Rasha VS-175694,755,8884,309Amazing Location - huge plot OP Price - Type 124Community View on 01-JUN-17No
Rasha VS-162894,632,8884,309Brand new 4BR Rasha villas, No commission!05Community ViewYesNo
Rasha VS-152214,850,0004,309For sale 4 bed type 1 Rasha Villa23Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168652,105,8882,193Nature inspired environment- Reem Community14Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168592,148,8882,2023BR Townhouses in Reem Community14Park ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168632,116,8882,202Nature inspired Community in Reem- Arabian Ranches14Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168552,158,8882,193Beautifully designed townhouse in Reem Community14Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168672,064,8882,2023BR townhouse , Type 1M in Reem Community14Full GardenYesNo
Reem Community VS-168662,096,8882,202Brand new, 3BR Type 1M Townhouse in Reem Community14Full GardenYesNo
Reem Community VS-168692,053,8882,193Brand New, Type 2M- 3BR townhouse in Reem -14Park ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168232,703,8882,650Brand New 4BR townhouse in Reem Community15Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168392,652,8882,650Spacious 4BR townhouse in Reem Community15Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168402,640,8882,650Spacious townhouse in Reem -Arabian Ranches215Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168492,638,8882,650Brand New, Beautifully designed 4BR townhouse15Full GardenYesNo
Reem Community VS-168502,600,8882,650Great Location, Brand New, 4BR townhouse15Full GardenYesNo
Reem Community VS-168512,572,8882,6504BR Townhouse in Reem Community, Arabian Ranches15Community ViewYesNo
Reem Community VS-168542,168,8882,202Spacious 3BR Townhouse in a natural environment.14Full GardenYesNo
Rosa VS-182785,750,0005,368Below Market 5 bedroom Type 4 Villa for sale24Community ViewYesNo
Rosa VS-162906,225,8885,368No commission 5 BR Rosa Villa Brand new06Community ViewYesNo
Samara VS-162934,889,8884,038No commission,brand new 5 bedroom Samara villa06Community ViewYesNo
Samara VS-162924,842,8883,970No commission ,brand new 5 bedroom Samara villa05Community ViewYesNo
Samara VS-162914,960,8884,038No commission,brand new 5 bedroom Samara villa06Community ViewYesNo
Samara VS-153563,725,6533,225Investment Opportunity in Samara -4% premium24Community ViewYesNo
Samara VS-177423,585,0003,026Corner plot 3 bedroom + Maids in Samara23Community ViewYesNo
Yasmin VS-195084,906,8884,354Best Priced Park Facing 4 bedroom Yasmin Villa34Community ViewYesNo
Yasmin VS-162957,102,8886,006No commission,brand new 6 bedroom Yasmin villa07Community ViewYesNo
Yasmin VS-162966,357,8885,457No commission,brand new 5 bedroom Yasmin Villa06Community ViewYesNo

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