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Next to the location of this development , which will indirectly increase the value of the property in this area 3- it is very close to the new airport & expo 2020 site & also it is 15 minutes away far from SZR. 4- the Reem by Emaar which is a near by development , is selling for AED 1200 per Sq.ft 5-Akoya which is a near by development as well was launched last year for AED 900 per Sq/ft & now is it is selling for AED 1300 per Sq.ft 6- you can buy a 3 br Villa for 1.659 million Dirhams( Aed 1050 /Sq.ft), which is very difficult to find in Dubai , in 12 month time the price of sq.ft is expected to reach AED1250 /Sq.ft ,if you want to sell it by that time, you will make a profit of AED 314000. Hurry up , seize the opportunity call us for more info.

Dubai Land
Damac Properties
Property Type
Project launch
Handover Date
Title Type
500.00 - 1,000.00 (expected)

Special Offers

Invest in a premium Biela 3 bedroom villas from AED 999,999* – payable over 5 years
Building nameNo of floorsNo of unitsHeight (m)
AKOYA Fresh - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
AKOYA Manarola - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
AKOYA MOD - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
Akoya Oxygen - Dubai Landnot specifiednot specifiednot specified
Claret (Dubai,Akoya Oxygen) - Dubai Landnot specifiednot specifiednot specified
Juniper (Dubai, Akoya Oxygen) - Dubai Land80not specifiednot specified
Nova Hotel Villas - Akoya Oxygen - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
The Beach by Maison de Ville - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
The Rainforest at AKOYA Oxygen - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
The Woods at AKOYA Oxygen - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
Vista Lux at AKOYA Oxygen - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
no data found
Akoya Oxygen VS-130681,999,0002,503Stunning. Unique. And Very Upscale26Community on 31-DEC-18No
Akoya Oxygen VS-174731,600,0002,444Spacious villa located near golf course & lake22Community on 17-OCT-19No
Akoya Oxygen VS-176641,600,0001,8813BR VILLA SELLING AT OP BEST DEAL!!34CommunityYesNo
Akoya Oxygen VS-174791,600,0002,444Gated community villa with full amenities12Community on 28-AUG-20No
Akoya Oxygen VS-174691,600,0002,478A G+1 villa fully furnished selling at OP22Community on 19-AUG-20No
Akoya Oxygen VS-171511,600,0001,633Access to a world class amenities22Community on 28-NOV-18No
Akoya Oxygen VS-171801,600,0002,478Modern Townhouse at great price!!24Community on 01-SEP-19No
Akoya Oxygen VS-179341,600,0002,478Modern furnished townhouse at value price34Community on 31-AUG-19No
Akoya Oxygen VS-179361,200,0001,727Modern villa with nearby schools & amenities23Community on 26-FEB-20No
Akoya Oxygen VS-171501,350,0001,435Full access to a world class amenities22Community on 22-NOV-18No

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