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The Acres Overview

A brand-new community of standalone villas featuring impeccable surroundings enveloped by nature. Graced with serene gardens and azure lagoons, this exclusive neighborhood harmonizes with the undulating terrain, creating a space that’s connected by meandering pathways to every corner of this ever-flourishing environment.

Location: In the Midst of Nature Centrally located within the Dubailand area with a very well-connected road network, the community has direct access to the city’s Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and Emirates Road. The Acres enjoys a prime position surrounded by a number of fully developed neighborhoods in its direct vicinity.

A Masterplan of Natural Living

Explore a World of Bespoke Villas Find your home among flourishing surroundings, with lush parks conveniently located just a minute’s stroll away. The Acres invites you to effortlessly immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while showcasing its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices through the ‘LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities: Plan and Design’ Certification.

Community Masterplan

  • Entrance
  • Primary School
  • Mosque
  • Halo Park / Community Park
  • Clubhouse
  • Retail
  • Kindergarten
  • Lagoon Clubhouse
  • Juice Bar
  • Lagoon - Lake
  • Community Amenities

The Acres Community Amenities

Discover an array of engaging amenities nestled within carefully curated gardens that foster enriching interactions with nature. These gardens strategically encircle the main park, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and recreation. Within this expansive and integrated green network, a variety of facilities and amenities tailored to a diverse range of interests are easily accessible for all to enjoy.

Arrival Garden

Walk into The Acres, where palm tree-lined boulevards extend the warmest of welcomes. Here, you’ll find the forest theatre, where nature and art meet, and the mosque plaza that sets the tone of peace. Each step in the Arrival Garden offers a calming glimpse into the greater environment that awaits within The Acres.

Lagoon Garden

In the singular calmness of The Acres’ lagoons, water becomes a canvas for both leisure and play. Nestled within this aquatic playground are swimmable lagoons and floating decks inviting you for a refreshing dip all year round.

Nature Garden

Step into a scene of conservation, where the wetlands and natural ponds offer nature’s finer treasures. Relax in the wellness garden and take leisurely strolls along the dry wadi trails and wetland parks.

Lost Garden

This charming corner beckons you into a world of discovery, from the enchanting land art trail to the adventurous treehouses that offer a novel perspective on the surroundings. With crafting stations, forest terraces, and water features, the Lost Garden provides both a fun and fascinating escape.

Perfume Garden

Wander through the gardens as each blossom treats your senses. The mystical appeal of the place with the wetlands and ponds creates a harmonious atmosphere, making this garden a picture-perfect representation of flora and fauna.

Edible Garden

This green expanse invites you to explore a garden where fragrant herbs offer a touch of culinary magic. Here, you have the dining oasis that houses the freshest natural offerings to be enjoyed in a beautiful al fresco setting.

The Villas

The villas feature contemporary palettes that bathe the walls in light, while the sleek structures maximize exposure, creating a continuous interaction with the lush environment.

3-Bedroom Villas The garden facade provides views of lush surroundings, encouraging a life entwined with nature. Inside, the home features a side courtyard with living spaces designed for intimate family moments. The master bedroom on the first floor offers a view of the pool and frames park vistas. Additionally, a family area and a spacious shaded terrace on the second floor seamlessly blend the home’s sanctuary with the wild beauty of the parklands.

4-Bedroom Villas The 4-bedroom villa provides a peaceful home with a distinctive feature—the stone wall. It anchors the home’s aesthetic, seamlessly blending privacy with architectural finesse. The master bedroom offers elevated park views, while the top-floor multi-purpose room extends to a spacious shaded terrace, providing a personal oasis overlooking the community. Each interior touchpoint is carefully crafted for privacy, luxury, and a seamless connection with the natural tapestry of The Acres.

5-Bedroom Villas Crafted with an eye for luxury and pure elegance, The Acres’ 5-bedroom villa features a facade that impresses with clean lines, creating selective openings on the street side to maximize privacy. In contrast, the thoughtful placement of large openings with full-length windows facing the courtyard invites the garden’s tranquility into each room. The heart of the home unfolds in a double-height living area, with an open-plan design that blurs boundaries and extends living spaces into a shaded courtyard.


The architecture and design philosophy at The Acres is a testament to a harmonious alliance between modern luxury and nature. Inspired by the elements, the architecture proudly features stone, wood, and glass crafting a visual symphony that mirrors the natural surroundings.


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