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About Downtown Jebel Ali

Downtown Jebel Ali is a community designed for how people want to live. Four zones totalling 11km in length will each feature three districts: the Urban Centre, the Trellis District and the Medina. It will feature housing and of?ces along with many restaurants, shops and amenities. Around 200,000 people will be able to walk to work, shop, relax and socialize at the development, where shaded, landscaped outdoor spaces make up a considerable percentage of the total area. Downtown Jebel Ali represents a renaissance in the lost art of urban planning. Every aspect of the masterplan is de?ned by the needs of the people who will live and work here. We are committed to creating a blend of urban environments that are sustainable, walkable, integrated, vibrant and safe. Downtown Jebel Ali will combine homes, shops, restaurants and commercial buildings in an urban pattern that will create constantly evolving communities. People will be able to walk to work in comfort, shop, relax, socialise and share experience.

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