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About Culture Village

Culture Village is mixed use master development with wide open spaces, traditional wind towers, cobblestone walkways, unique sculptures and waterways topped with bridges. It will feature Creekside restaurants and cafes, a maritime museum and a dockyard where traditional dhow building will be on display.

The residential district features traditional low to cultural rise buildings and the commercial district will house culture institutions, schools, academies for art, music, dance, pottery and other crafts. A rustic traditional souk offering Arabian crafts, antiques and spices and herbs will be the local point of the retail district.

Culture Village is a project which features cultural attractions and urban activities such as Exhibition halls, international academies of art and music, art galleries, museum, libraries, traditional souk, residential units and commercial units. Culture Village is located along the Dubai Creek next to Garhoud Bridge.

Landscape Updates:

The project of landscape started in April 2016. Promenade works are ongoing inclusive of finishing off areas to Dubai Wharf and Plot P1A 012 where access was restricted previously.

The Canal Promenade, now welcoming residents and visitors of Dubai to take a stroll at the historic banks of the Dubai Creek. Spanning over 46,000 square meters, the all-new public space features granite paved piazzas to emanate the ambiance of the surrounding Palazzo Versace hotel. Palm trees and planters also line the walkway that stretches past two marinas nestled between Garhoud and Business Bay bridge. The Canal Promenade complements both our developments of Manazel Al Khor and Dubai Wharf with ample greenery and a double grass lawn, and a park that is home to an all wood playground for kids to explore their world by Dubai’s latest waterfront.

There is pedestrian Access around the entire promenade from D1 building to MAK. There are minor obstructions for safety reasons at some of the pedestrian bridges where work is ongoing.

Maintenance is ongoing to the planted areas at both promenade and street levels where any plants and trees that have suffered due to the hot weather. Repair work to the promenade side of D1 and Palazzo Versace building is ongoing to improve the look of the area near marina 2. All litter bins, bicycle racks, chess boards and kiosk isolators are fixed around the Culture Village site. In addition, there will be BBQ designated areas in Culture Village Park.

Ongoing and Future Enhancement

Work is ongoing for localized areas of the Promenade where access has been obstructed previously and Sikkas to Marina Island. The Sikka to Dubai Wharf was completed earlier in October 2017.

Foot bridges and common areas are completed.

Manazel Al Khor and Dubai Wharf projects completed.
Hoardings that are in a poor condition have been replaced by new hoarding and graphics are being applied accordingly.

Way finding totems have been installed.
Marina 1 park completed and open for public.
Promenade landscape has been completed along with lighting fixtures.

Construction of Additional parallel parking to plots P1 UT 02 and P1 D 003 is due to commence on 22 October 2017 once construction NOC is obtained from RTA which is in process.

Additional flags are to be installed along the promenade to commence 21 October 2017.

Access ramp to Art Jameel Island with Art Jameel Museum services is in detailed design with work due to be completed by April 2018.

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