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Empire Estates Overview

Empire Estates is an upscale residential project located in Arjan, Dubai, developed by Empire Development. The development offers a variety of apartment sizes, including studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units. Heres an overview of key features and highlights:

Luxurious Living: Empire Estates aims to provide a high-end living experience, offering upscale amenities and features to enhance the quality of life for residents.

Spacious Units: The apartments are designed to be spacious, providing residents with ample living space to ensure comfort and the flexibility to personalize their living areas.

Stylish Bathrooms: The inclusion of stylish bathrooms suggests a focus on modern and elegant design, with carefully selected fixtures to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Fully Fitted Kitchens: Residents will benefit from fully fitted kitchens, providing the convenience of moving in without the hassle of purchasing and installing appliances.

Large Living Spaces: The development emphasizes large living spaces, offering residents room for relaxation and entertainment within their homes.

Location in Arjan, Dubai: Arjan is a well-known neighborhood in Dubai, situated within Dubailand—an established entertainment and leisure destination. The location likely provides a mix of residential and commercial properties.

Developer Reputation: Empire Development is the developer behind the project, suggesting a reputation for delivering quality projects. This can instill confidence in potential buyers or tenants regarding the construction and management of Empire Estates.

Amenities and Facilities: Luxury residential developments typically offer a wide range of amenities, and Empire Estates is likely to include features such as swimming pools, fitness centers, landscaped gardens, and 24/7 security.

Access to Local Amenities: The developments location in Arjan, Dubai, implies proximity to shopping centers, schools, parks, and transportation hubs—an essential consideration for residents.

Investment Potential: Luxury properties often have good potential for investment and appreciation. Empire Estates may attract both homebuyers and investors looking for long-term value. Additionally, the availability of a 5-year payment plan enhances flexibility for potential buyers.

Financial Details:

  • Studio (444 sqft): 776,440 AED
  • 1BR (895 sqft): 1,253,644 AED
  • 2BR (1617 sqft): 2,231,281 AED
  • 2BHK + Maid (1748 sqft): 2,342,146 AED
  • 2BR Duplex (1644 sqft): 2,202,585 AED
  • 3BHK + Roof Pool (3089 sqft): 4,942,688 AED

Flexible Payment Plan: A 20% down payment is required, with the remaining 80% spread over 80 months at 1% per month. Notably, 44% of the total amount is to be paid post-handover in December 2026, offering investors a comfortable financial timeline.


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